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    I've had a Lumia 925 for about a year now. I recently bought a BH-111 Bluetooth setup and use this daily.

    Most things work fine (music etc), but when I receive a call, the Bluetooth connection doesn't activate until I press the Bluetooth button on the call answer screen. After that, it works well.

    When the call comes in, I do get the ringtone in my headset, and also on the phone. I'm not sure that the phone's supposed to ring when my Bluetooth headset is connected.

    When I make a call, everything works fine.

    Also, this happens intermittently when I use my Jabra hands-free in the car, but only very occasionally. Most of the time it works fine.

    I can't see any options to change priority or similar on the phone. No real options on the headset.

    Any advise much appreciated.

    08-26-2015 08:34 AM

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