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    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! I PROMISE I WILL USE BACKUP ALWAYS if I can just get this going one more time! yesterday my phone would not turn off, and a large flash icon and setting icon appeared on the screen.tried charging it , nothing changed.i was in a traveltrailer, it was pouring rain (I know,right?my friend suggested putting it in a baggie filled with dry white rice,thinking maybe it was the dampness,so I did,and put it in the oven, (no heat!).took it out,blew out the rice dust,plugged it in....nothing.tried the reset,the light in the windows icon at the bottom came on after 10 seconds,but that was it.kept it plugged in,checked in an hour,still the same.but if I held the low volume button with the power button the light would blink about every 10 secs.i've got it still plugged in.a thousand blessings to anyone who knows the secret;there has to be a way....right?
    10-26-2015 02:06 PM

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