1. Darshan Sachde's Avatar
    Note- Issue might not be same across all the device running win 10 10586.29. The following review is based on my L925.

    I have been using my L925 when it had windows 8. Windows 8.1 upgrade gave it a new look with more features and Denim update gave it more refreshing look. Each piece of L925 was working with perfect sync apart from battery which is its biggest drawback. Microsoft gave an opportunity to upgrade it to windows 10 and so I hopped in. Windows 10 did really blow my mind with the looks and feel and with different option it gave. But with the same there were issue which microsoft should have address before hand.

    App gab- we have been hearing that we could port ios and android app to windows. On paper it looks good, but i suppose we Windows user need some original ideas rather than just porting them. It seems good for news but the fact remains , developers are not much keen to making apps for Windows Device. I hope this just get sorted soon. Many popular app are ditching to come to windows. Popular App Doesn't get update as their counterpart for different OS, a popular example is Instagram which is still in BETA, thanks to Rudy we have 6tag else we couldn't have enjoy the new features. Facebook too does not support features and redirect to browser.

    Camera- Biggest USP of Lumia device was its camera which can compete with any device but on windows 10 it's the drawback. I seriously miss the Lumia camera app on win 8.1, its been said that the code for windows camera is same as lumia camera but the photo clicked when the device is on win 8.1 and window 10 is vast. The clarity lacks. When adjusting focus and then coming back to auto, the setting still hover it on manual focus and have to close and again start the camera app. The power of Lumia camera can't be seen with windows 10. Videos to does not come clear. No comments for front camera as my bezel is detach at that side so dust has crept in.

    Device perform differently in different situation; sometimes it hangs up and sometimes different icons stop working. Some actions doesn't work like the saving photos from video, changing the action button, changing from silent to volume profile, Dimming of picture when all app section is opened and different new issue. When playing videos clicked from Device, the video hangs in between for a moment, suggesting that the device can't handle full hd playback support.

    My Daily driver is my phone and sometimes i do miss win8.1 on it; but looking the freshness and UI of windows 10, Yes I am attached to it. But Microsoft need to do a lot of hard work on fine tuning details. I appreciate the work they do and let the mass decide the features as well take feedback from them.

    Hope Microsoft start tackle issue on urgent basis else the mass would have to ditch windows 10 mobile.
    12-15-2015 09:20 AM
  2. TheMelonOfWater's Avatar
    I installed Windows 10 on my Lumia 1020 and had many issues as well. The Lumia 925 and 1020 have the same chipset so the experience would be quite similar. After 2 weeks of having Windows 10 on my phone I could not stand the bugs anymore and reverted back to Windows Phone 8.1. Reverting back felt like an upgrade because everything worked again. I think I'll try Windows 10 Mobile again when the Redstone update is released, but until then, I'm going to stay away from Windows 10 Mobile.
    I showed some of the bigger issues I had (which drove me insane) in this video :
    12-16-2015 12:37 AM

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