05-10-2013 04:56 PM
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  1. Rellik66's Avatar
    Thread should be renamed 'Imminent announcement speculation'
    DavidinCT and Traldera like this.
    05-09-2013 12:52 PM
  2. ArvydasGOAT's Avatar

    Hoping TC says something soon to brighten our day.
    according to his user profile, he's online now...
    05-09-2013 12:54 PM
  3. hopmedic's Avatar
    I'm not sure he understands that everyone was just joking with him. I think in penance, he should give up ice cream for a month. Frozen yogurt is ok, but no ice cream.
    The real question is, "How many of us here are old enough to recognize my quote?" Hint: It was spoken by the big toe.
    05-09-2013 12:55 PM
  4. jleebiker's Avatar
    The real question is, "How many of us here are old enough to recognize my quote?" Hint: It was spoken by the big toe.
    "Aaaaaarmy training sir!"
    hopmedic likes this.
    05-09-2013 12:59 PM
  5. Paulo1300's Avatar
    Is anybody else sick of being disappointed every Thursday for the last 3-4 weeks??
    i bought the lumia 822 thinking the 928 would come out before my 14 days.. boy was i wrong.

    although i am happy with the phone.. plus i got it for free with 50 cash back :)
    05-09-2013 01:13 PM
  6. Zomby Jeezus's Avatar
    Op here. Not sure you guys can read but the thread title says tomorrow, not today. I inadvertently recreated groundhogs day. lol
    farrrr out!
    05-09-2013 01:27 PM
  7. hopmedic's Avatar
    That's two Bill Murray flicks in one thread!
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    05-09-2013 01:35 PM
  8. hopmedic's Avatar
    Come on! First the 620, now the 521..... This was supposed to be a 928 announcement!
    05-09-2013 02:33 PM
  9. rmichael75's Avatar
    may be TCMan signed his confidentiality agreement today.:).. he became silent
    05-09-2013 03:30 PM
  10. hopmedic's Avatar
    I'm hoping he's still at work...
    05-09-2013 03:32 PM
  11. Booston's Avatar
    Or still has a job...
    05-09-2013 04:28 PM
  12. rmichael75's Avatar
    :).. tc man and honestabe are very silent about this phone.. but in other thread it is said that it will be available for purchase on May 16.. lets see.
    05-09-2013 05:10 PM
  13. hopmedic's Avatar
    No, they won't release on 14th. Every phone I can think of has released on Thursday. Again, if I'm wrong, I'll eat a 16 ounce ribeye. But if I'm right, it's a slab of baby back ribs!
    Well, I also said it would be today, so there's a ribeye in the fridge marinating that I will regretfully force myself to eat tomorrow night.
    jleebiker likes this.
    05-09-2013 08:42 PM
  14. independentvolume's Avatar
    Whoever made this thread is an *****. They announced it today, which is definitely not tomorrow.
    05-10-2013 04:56 PM
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