07-02-2013 08:13 AM
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    I think you're overreacting a bit on the "gunk" issue. Mine had it. It bugged me the first day or three. I haven't noticed it since.

    Not sure what your life is work, but a minor cosmetic issue that isn't notable isn't worth the trip to the Verizon/Microsoft store and the time it takes to explain the issue, get a new phone, set up the new phone, etc. That's at least a two hour process.
    I have too many other things I'd rather do. Has nothing to do with me excusing Nokia, as this is my first Nokia, or Windows Phone, which I think has massive usability holes. It's a matter of a minor cosmetic manufacturing flaw not being worth the time and hassle to get a new phone that likely has the same issue, anyway. Sure, whatever, I'd be teaching Nokia a lesson about manufacturing tolerances, but, man, life is way too busy to stand in line somewhere.
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    07-01-2013 10:46 AM
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    Last night Nokia called me again regarding the replacement device they sent me. I had told her in our last conversation that I was not going to bother switching to that phone given that it has the same defect as mine - the gunky start button (this is my third 928). Last night, when she started the conversation, she asked if I was satisfied with the replacement. Here's what I said to her (approximated quotation):

    Last time you called, I told you that I was not going to switch because it has the same defect. You had also told me previously that Nokia doesn't consider this a defect. Fact: Your customers consider it a defect, and you are losing customers because of it. There is at least one thread I can think of on WPCentral that asks the question, "Is the start button defect gone yet?" and the person asking is wondering if later batches of the phone have the same defect with the start button. This person is obviously not buying a Nokia because of the defect that you say isn't a defect, because it matters to him. If Nokia were smart, they'd consider this to be a defect just as their customers (and potential customers) do. To not do so is completely irresponsible.
    (She made a comment to me about it being only cosmetic). I'm done. I'm not going to switch it out - it isn't worth the hassle anymore. I've told YOU from the start that it was cosmetic, so you don't need to tell me the same. Whether it is cosmetic or not, it is still a manufacturing defect that is costing you customers, and I believe the warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship. It doesn't exclude cosmetic defects, that I am aware of. If it does, it's a pathetic warranty. I'm just going to keep the phone that I have. And since you didn't send me a return shipping label, the one you sent me is just sitting here collecting dust. All I've done with it is take off the screen protector that says it is a refurbished unit, and checked the start button. I didn't bother going any farther than that with it, as there was no point in doing so.
    She said something along the lines of evaluating the feedback from social networks, and appreciating my feedback. Blah blah blah. I wasn't in the mood. Then she emailed me a shipping label.
    07-02-2013 08:13 AM
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