11-07-2013 06:55 PM
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  1. snowmutt's Avatar
    Getting lost in a maze is one thing. Getting lost when there is only one path is another. This isn't about Mr. Elop responding himself. It is about recognizing tour customers and valuing them. A response signed by the CEO shows that. As does the follow up to the case. Nokia is a high class, customer support driven company. I think this is excellent and shows why Nokia will still be around years from now.
    06-01-2013 10:18 PM
  2. James8561's Avatar
    yea Nokia was and forever will be king of cell phones
    06-01-2013 11:20 PM
  3. Harshv61's Avatar
    Hey, did you get the solution after case being escalated ?
    11-07-2013 01:03 PM
  4. unstoppablekem's Avatar
    Go Nokia!
    11-07-2013 01:13 PM
  5. hopmedic's Avatar
    So last week, my DT-900 stopped working (or, one of the four that I have, that is). I contacted Nokia support, and asked them what the process was. They replied with steps, including that I'd need to include a copy of my receipt. I replied, told them I no longer have a receipt, but that it shouldn't be a problem since the accessory had not yet been out for a year yet (Next Monday, the 11th, will be one year from ATT's launch of WP8 devices), so it isn't possible for the warranty to be expired (even though I didn't get the DT-900 until after I bought my 928, which was on 5/16), so I'll go ahead and send it without a receipt. She replied again, saying that if I send it without a receipt they'll return my DT-900 without doing a repair/replacement. I replied, telling her that there is no reason to reject my claim given that it is impossible for the warranty to be expired, and at the same time I was copying Stephen Elop (*yeah, I know he's no longer the CEO, but still...) to show him the poor customer service that I was receiving, and that as a stockholder (no, I'm not above claiming whatever it will take to get what I have coming) it disturbs me. That last email, with the copy to Elop, was on Tuesday.

    Yesterday I got a phone call from Nokia support and within a minute of hanging up the phone, there was a shipping label in my inbox, so I can send back the bad unit, and an assurance that they would replace it. She said I should have the replacement by the weekend, but the way I took it they would ship after I sent the bad unit in, which I forgot to do, so I'll have to do tonight when I get home, too late for today's mailing, so I'm sure I won't have a replacement by the weekend unless I misunderstood and they're just going to send out the replacement without waiting. Either way, I can't complain about that.

    It disturbs me that a person has to pull strings (not that I have any real strings to pull) in order to get the service that he deserves. I mean for a device that goes for under $25 online for refurbs, is it really worth disenchanting your customer base by saying you can't honor the warranty without a receipt? How many of you still have receipts for your accessories? I mean, I still have the receipts for my phones, but not for accessories. And when I expressed this to the lady on the phone, SHE even said that she doesn't have accessory receipts, and that she thought it was unreasonable to expect that I should still have it, so she'd make sure I got my DT-900 replaced. Really?? Why can't the left hand talk to the right hand?

    I bought NOK stock because I believed in what they are doing, and as of yesterday my investment (small, as it is) hit the milestone of tripling, but man, that doesn't mean I agree with everything they do......
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    11-07-2013 01:40 PM
  6. unstoppablekem's Avatar
    I'm sorry about that.
    11-07-2013 06:55 PM
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