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    Just got my sons 928 activated tonite the arrived from amazon today after a problem with ups order mix up the phone was supposed to arrive Monday but did not, so I called amazon to find why the amazon rep called ups to see whats wrong and ups says it was a mix up in orders.
    amazon shipped out a new phone next day air for free gave an extra month of amazon prime for free and we are getting a refund on the original order so now the $30 phone will be free totally free.
    I tried activating the phone and the phone was sim card error so I drove my son to the nearest Verizon store which was a franchised store not corperate hudge difference I like corperate better they treat you better and theres no WP8 love their.
    but the problem was the sim card replaced it with a new 1 all set.
    My son loves that phone he is playing jetpack joyride right now.
    if you play jetpack joyride hit me up on Xbox @ Cowboy6248.
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