1. cristianocr7's Avatar
    I've had the 928 for less than a week and love it! One main issue is that I understand it has a noise cancellation and it is suppose to be the best out there.
    When I am in my home, everyone I speak to can hear my doing chores, opening the fridge, closing the door. Is there an adjustment for this or setting I am missing?
    I cannot find anything on this forum nor google.
    08-21-2013 09:50 AM
  2. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    Hmm. That's a problem on your end. Even my 620 benefits from this. Try asking around to see if this is normal or so.
    08-21-2013 11:13 AM
  3. cristianocr7's Avatar
    Called Verizon and they said since I am in the customer guarantee period to swap phones. I hope this phone does not turn into a issue. I left iPhone and wanted to simplify life with windows 8 and my pc.
    08-21-2013 01:02 PM
  4. JasonSBCATC's Avatar
    I am having the same problem with two of my Lumia 928's - one does this all the time and the other only does it some times. The person on the other end says they can barely hear me like I'm standing in the middle of a wind storm (lots of static-like noise). On both phones, the incoming dialogue sounds great. On the phone that has this problem all the time, it also happens when we use a wired earbud/mic combo. This works against my initial theory that the problem could be the microphones on the phone itself. After hours of Google searching it seems like these are isolated incidents, but hopefully now that this thread exists, others will join the conversation so that we all know if this is more widespread. I'm contacting Verizon to replace one of the phones today.
    08-22-2013 05:32 PM
  5. cristianocr7's Avatar
    After speaking with Verizon tech support, performing master reset, I walked into Verizon store (notes in system I troubleshooted phone), I got a new Lumia 928. No issues with new device.
    09-09-2013 05:00 PM

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