11-06-2013 05:26 PM
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  1. MyNL822's Avatar
    Totally agree. The really square corners on the 928 kept me away from it. It's just too big for my taste. The 822 jus fits perfectly in my hand.
    Exactly I love that the 822 is round they need to make newer models like it.
    10-13-2013 10:11 AM
  2. MyNL822's Avatar
    Another thing I forgot to say that I missed is the notification center.
    10-13-2013 10:44 AM
  3. cckgz4's Avatar
    I moved on from the iPhone 5 to the Optimus G to the 822 and so forth. I don't miss it. But again, that might not be the same for everyone. I think iOS is boring, and on top of that, my battery life was horrible. It could've been the device itself but I didn't have insurance nor apple care to switch it out. iOS is perfect if you want all the current apps and something that just works. I've found that Windows Phone gives me that "just right" amount of personality (out the box, yes I know you can jailbreak iPhones) and just works as well. I'm not a big app person but as long as the apps that I use frequently are available, I'm good.
    10-13-2013 02:20 PM
  4. etad putta's Avatar
    Ok, I am a previous iOS user so I am grateful to give my 2 cents. First, the things I regret moving from iOS are(most missed to least missed):
    Plentiful Apps
    Battery Percentage(you can download apps with lives tiles to show battery but it only updates every 30 mins and can't be seen in an app you must have it pinned to start screen and either go to your setting to see battery percentage or look at the pin tile and refresh it.)
    Do Not Disturb(Really wish I still had this because it would be great for school.)
    Custom Ringtones(Nokia has a ringtone app but your songs must be DRM free, and there is no way to download ringtones from the store.)
    ITunes music(WP has a good selection, but iTunes selection is great.
    Back button and forward button(whatever ***** made the internet explorer app for Windows Phone, must have been drunk I can only go back by pressing the built in back button, but if I leave the app it won't let me press back again unless opened from multitasking.)
    Message delivery confirmation(in iOS it would show the progress of your message being sent and then say in small letters underneath the message you sent "delivered." Unfortunately, in WP if you turn delivery confirmation on it sends you another message to say delivered.)
    Gamecenter( Xbox Live is cool, but it is harder to add friends and invite them, gamecenter was pretty much for every game so it was easier to play and share scores with friends)
    Bad Piggies( I need this game!!!!I already contacted rovio and they said something about not planning on it yet.)
    Things I like about Windows Phone(I have Nokia Lumia 822): this isn't in any particular order:
    Keyboard(it learns you and only autocorrects you if there is a mistake and it stores a bunch of words so if you are typing and you see your word then you can just tap it.)
    Interface(The interface is great with lots of good customization options such as changing theme from black and white, and changing accent color.)
    Tiles(You are what you pin, and now all your apps don't have to be on the home screen you only pin what you want to pin, so if you have some lame girly game your friends won't have to know unless they look through your game list.)
    Camera(I like the camera button on the side and the ability to change which app it opens, but the app won't open when you have a password on for some reason)
    Volume controls( first I like how the volume buttons are on the right side it is more convenient for me since I'm right handed, and when a song is playing it brings down some controls such as pause skip and play.)
    Facebook integration( the Facebook app sucks but the integration of Facebook is pretty good)
    People tile( All my contacts are in this 'folder' and I can pin the contacts that are important to me to my home screen.)
    Flash( I have gotten many complements on how bright the flash is and whenever a flashlight is needed they look to me.)
    Games(Xbox live is pretty fun, but you have to have Xbox live gold just to message people, and since I don't have an Xbox their would be no point of me getting Xbox gold.)
    This is as much as I can think of at the moment I will update with more stuff if I think of more. I honestly still want the iPhone 5s but with my carrier I would have to by it unlocked and I am in high school and don't have that kind of money.
    You convinced me, my 920 is going up on craigslist.
    10-13-2013 04:59 PM
  5. BBerryPowerUser's Avatar
    I have a different opinion than the previous poster. Although I respect his opinion. Everyone has their own needs, likes, and dislikes re: a Smartphone Platform.

    I had an iPhone 4s for a while. I dumped my BlackBerry to try it out. I also have used an Android for a year as my backup phone because I needed it for depositing checks, and for signing up for things like Instagram that you can only do via a mobile device and not online. For a while I liked Droid, and their Google integration. I use Google calendar a lot to schedule my business life. It transfers to all my phones seamlessly as do my Google contacts. Yes, even to my WindowsPhone 8. No problem. You just need to set-up your Gmail account on your WP8 and link Google to the people HUB and voila, all your contacts and appointments are synced easy peasy.

    I liked my iPhone 4s. It sure has lots of apps if that's your gig. Not me. I use probably 10 apps on a regular basis. The rest are not important to me. But if you hear of an app in the marketplace, yep, you can get it on iPhone. I didn't like the way iPhone apps must dump onto your home screens, unlike Droid where you can download them and YOU decide to place them on the screen or not. Yes, you can folder iPhone apps, but they are always present somewhere on one of your screens. Not so with Droid. I also did not like the one button control on iPhone with the rest being pushed to the apps. I preferred the BACK, HOME, SEARCH buttons on Droid. After a few months of goofing around with Siri (she was useless in my opinion. "Sorry, I can't understand "Find me a Coffee House", do you want me to search the web for that?") I gave my iPhone to a dear friend and said "goombye" to Apple. It's not for me. I Went back to BlackBerry for BUSINESS and decided to use my Droid for fun, music, play, banking, directions, etc.

    Then I got a WindowsPhone Nokia 521. How could I resist? Under 100 bucks with accessories?

    I love it. I think that the OS and UI are smooth, intuitive and "fun" to use. The live tiles are great. Like Droid, apps are in the background, and you can PIN them to the home screen. SOME are "live" so you get live tiles. Even it it is an accounting of app indications like "5 messages and 2 invitations in LinkedIn". As I said, I have no issues with Google. Gmail is fine. You can app it, or create a Google email account and merge or not merge it with other email accounts. If you have contacts and appointments in Google Contacts and Calendar, they download and merge. I like Nokia Music and Xbox Music. Prefer Nokia, and like the live free mix streaming. Nokia apps are pretty cool. I wish I could use "City Lens", but the 521 does not support it. You must have "Compass" ability.
    Net, net, after using WindowsPhone8 for 3 or so weeks, I find my Droid clunky by comparison. I still reach for my BlackBerry for business, but probably because I have used Berry for so long it is 2nd nature to me to crank out email, text, and LinkedIn/Facebook/FourSquare on it. However, the Business HUB on a WindowsPhone8 is not to be sneezed at. MS integrates MS Office very well. And as mentioned above in other posts, the People Hub is amazing. All your social feeds funnel there so seamlessly. I also like the "me" page. It is a convenient hub to see what's up with your connections.
    Cranking out emails and texts is good. One thing about iOS, they have a great UI for typing. MS has done a great job too. Stock Droid is not great as far as I have found, so I had to buy SwiftKey to like my typing experience on Droid. Not so on Windows. The typing is fluid, and if you want to dictate your emails or texts, the Voice Recognition is good.

    So, I could just have my WindowsPhone8 and be happy. For me, it is the answer for a great business phone and a nice personal digital assistant and entertainment device.

    That's my 2 1/2 cents worth. YOU have to decide what to do. For me, it's a slam dunk. I'd choose a "NOKIA" WindowsPhone8.

    Good luck. Enjoy.
    10-24-2013 09:40 PM
  6. Stephen Pate's Avatar
    Had Apple phones from the beginning, after Nokia feature phones. I tried Android 3 but it was a poor man's iPhone. I got the Lumia 920 and it was amazing, except the early one's were buggy. This one (the 3rd) has worked great since May. The screen scratches easily compared to my iPhone 4 which after 2 years has no scratches.

    World of improvement using Office connected phone - I have Office 365 and everything syncs.

    All my music transferred from iTunes and some of the videos didn't. I still use the iPhone as a music player and for the Bob Dylan Bootleg App and Peterson Guitar Tuner, although the free Windows Phone guitar tuner is probably better, at least easier to use.
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    10-25-2013 03:02 AM
  7. BBerryPowerUser's Avatar
    This is an interesting take on a few ways the WindowsPhone crushes the iPhone
    Check it out and decide for yourself;

    Windows Phone Better Than iPhone - Business Insider
    11-06-2013 05:26 PM
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