1. mach1man's Avatar
    Ok so I just picked up the nokia 928 off of swappa and it arrived yesterday. So I charged it and the phone said 100% battery but when I unpluged it, it goes right to 99%-96%. Why is this?? What can I do to provent this and get better battery life
    11-21-2013 08:00 AM
  2. Cindy_H's Avatar
    Try turning your phone off and back on when this happens. Your indicator should go back to 100%.
    11-21-2013 08:07 AM
  3. Will 74's Avatar
    From what I remember on previous phones, the phone charges up to 100% and stops charging for a preset amount of time. It does this because it would be bad to continually charge while its at full capacity. So if you happen to unplug right as it hits 100% it will report 100% for a while then drop down. What's most likely happening is you are unplugging it after its been charged, but has actually been using the battery for a while so as soon as you unplug it will drop to what it is really at. I think once it gets down to 95% it starts recharging.
    I could be completely wrong though.
    11-21-2013 08:11 AM

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