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    Hi all. First post.
    I've had the Lumia 918 since June and overall I'm very satisfied. I did have an issue where my original phone's screen died and the (refurbished) replacement from Verizon had sound issues after 2 days - so I'm currently on my 3rd 928.

    I use an audio cable in my car to listen to music pretty much every time I drive. One thing I've noticed on both my first and current phone is that whenever I unplug the cable, there's sometimes a half-second of what sounds like white noise that comes from the phone's speakers. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm slightly concerned that I could be unknowingly damaging some of the audio components of my 928.

    Thanks in advance - and I look forward to becoming an active member of WPCentral!
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    My 920 does that every so often. I've had it over a year and haven't noticed any negative effects on the hardware. I've found the audio cable connection is a bit wonky in general. You're supposed to be able to pull the cable and have a podcast or music pause. It does but often a podcast will loose it's place when I do it. If I hit the pause button first, it almost never looses its place. I'll sometimes get a crackle through the car speakers when I pick up the phone. Most likely I'm jiggling the audio connection slightly. None of the problems happen regularly but just enough to be annoying. Different cables can make a difference as well. Some are better than others but even the better ones still exhibit the problems occasionally.
    12-10-2013 07:37 PM
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    Well it happens to me now that I'm using my Sennheiser ocx-685 when I plug the cable I can clearly hear such white noise but it's just in a split second so I'm not really concerned about it and haven't had hardware problems so far. I would say that it's related with headset compatibility. My current headset is not completely compatible (Inline buttons don't work) so I hear that noise just a moment as the phone -I guess- swaps to compatibility mode. My last headphones (the ones which came with the phone) didn't make this sound. Hence DON'T WORRY if you can still listening your music with no background noise.
    12-10-2013 08:01 PM

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