1. AV2RY's Avatar
    Hey guys!
    I'm having little problem with my Prius hands free system transferring my phone contacts via Bluetooth. Simply I'm not able to transfer them at all, even my phone is paired with cars system and I'm able to call/receive calls. When I select Add contact by Phone it keeps saying "searching". On my phone when I select contact..share via Bluetooth my phone doesn't see cars Bluetooth even when it still connected. What I'm doing wrong? Or there is something else I can do to transfer contacts.
    I can add contacts manually. 1)it's long process 2) it's annoying sometimes, for example when I want to add "Home" number it says name is "too simple" and it adds addition numbers to to the end (000-00-00#50524) (Speed dial?)
    02-28-2014 10:07 AM
  2. jleebiker's Avatar
    I have the same problem. I have a 2012 KIA Optima Hybrid with the GPS and Tech package. I was able to download the contacts ONCE and since then, I've never been able to d/l the contacts. Checking some forums for the car itself, it looks like mine won't handle if I have more than 300 contacts. I think that's rather ridiculous. I've upgraded the software in the car. I'm on the latest version of WP Black. At this point, I've given up trying any more. The irony is that I've heard that the brains behind the Tech package for KIA is actually based on a Microsoft Windows based system. Good luck in finding a solution and if you find something, post it here.
    02-28-2014 12:10 PM

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