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    Update 2: well, I wasn't able to resolve the problem. I contacted Nokia support, installed and ran their software repair tool (twice) to no avail. I know have a second refurb replacement through Verizon. The Windows soft button looks like crap, but I hope that's the only thing wrong with this one!

    Update: I've narrowed this down to a data connection issue. Phone would crash constantly on my commute as I go from no data to 3G to LTE to WiFi available, as I was using apps that sometimes rely on a data connection (Microsoft Solitaire, Baconit), but no problem when at home and on WiFi. I'll adjust the Cellular settings and hopefully that will fix things.

    Several weeks ago the earpiece on my 928 gave out. Luckily I was within the 1-year purchase date and was able to get a replacement from Verizon. It has been a constant struggle to get this replacement phone working properly.

    When I first activated the phone, I was given the option to install a backup or start fresh. I chose to install the backup, and the phone automatically installed a lot of my settings (not all), and automatically installed my apps. I did not have to reinstall via windowsphone.com purchase history. So then the phone would constantly crash and reboot, or freeze which required soft reset. Also, some of the system apps were messed up. I couldn't even open the Display system app. I tried reinstalling system apps or updates to no avail. Finally I went ahead and performed a hard reset to factory settings, and chose to start fresh rather than install from a backup.

    Starting fresh, it seems that most of the latest system app versions were installed. I went to windowsphone.com and chose all the apps from my purchase history that I wanted pushed to the phone, and they installed without any problem. The next day several updates appeared in my app store, for both system and regular apps, and I installed those.

    Now my phone is back to freezing and crashing. Every day on my hour-long commute, I listen to music and play games or browse baconit, or whatever, and sooner or later the phone either shuts off and reboots without warning, or the screen freezes and the music stops which requires a soft-reset. This happens at least five times every morning and afternoon. Don't know if it's a rogue app or if a system setting is causing a conflict.

    I suppose the next step is to uninstall all the apps, and then reinstall a few at a time and see if I can locate the issue. Any suggestions before I go down this tortuous road? Thanks!

    p.s. I was having another issue where my phone would not hold the password to my home wifi. Any time I went out of range and came back, the wifi would not allow connection without inputting the password. I did some web research and troubleshooting, and the thing that worked for me was rebooting the router. I suppose the router was recognizing the same device but with a different MAC address. Anyway, I didn't have to make any configuration changes to the router - just had to reboot the router. Hope this helps anyone in the same situation.
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