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    I am having recurring issues with the compass in the 928. I say compass because it does not have a compass app baked into the software as the iPhone does; you have to download a 3rd party app from the Store.

    In January, when the compass problem first reared its ugly head, reading through the forums, the best guess was to perform a hard re-set. I attempted that and got the stuck spinning gears. I was then left to use an iPhone while waiting for IT to get replacement. Last week while on vacation and looking for a place to eat, I used City Lens to locate some restaurants. No issues. Later in the week, while climbing a lighthouse, I was curious about the direction I was facing. I started Jack of Tools Pro/ Compass app and got the error message Sensor is not present on this platform. WTH?! It was working the last time I used it! While using the Geocaching app, I clicked on the compass feature and got this message Your device does not support the hardware compass. THIS was the reason I was reading the forums back in January for help with the compass issue! To be able to use the 928 to geocache. The last part of the vacation week, I attempted to use City Lens once again to find another restaurant. I got this error message Your device doesnt support a motion sensor. WTH?! It was working fine just a few days ago!! What do you mean it doesnt support a motion sensor? Anyway, what is it with the recurring compass problems??

    I guess I'll have to use an iPhone again while I wait for IT to get another replacement (this will be #4). Question: Does the "compass" work any better on the Icon? Thank you for your feedback.
    05-04-2014 10:56 AM
  2. KCandSunshine13's Avatar
    Ok, no new phone. This time a hard reset was able to restore the compass functionality. Two other phones were returned because the reset didn't restore the compass function. I still have to re-install all of my apps. What a pain in the a$$...
    05-06-2014 10:25 AM

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