1. 928user's Avatar
    I just upgraded to 8.1 using the Developers App and now I'm having issues with the Internet Sharing/mobile hotspot function on my 928. The connection will drop at times while I'm online, causing me to the slide the Internet Sharing tab Off to On again. Other times, when I try to turn On the Internet Sharing, the slide tab will turn grey and the loading icons at the top of the screen will appear but the screen stays in this position. The only way I can reset this screen is if I turn the phone off and on. It also appears the I can't get a connection from Internet Sharing while I talk on the phone. This is extremely annoying, as I use the Internet Sharing often. This rarely, if ever happened when I had 8.0. Anyone else run into this problem or know a solution?
    05-31-2014 05:30 PM
  2. AV2RY's Avatar
    You at least have that. Mine completely stopped working about two months ago after I tried fix LTE on T-Mobile (found article that was for Icon but since both Icon and 928 are Versions' phone thought it will work for 928 too) and since then I didn't find anyway to fix it.
    Now regarding your issues.
    Usually (if not only for me) when you call your data connection turns off until you finish. But when I had mine working (on 8.1) when I had laptop connected the connection will remain as it was. So I don't know why does yours disconnect.

    When slide tab turns grey as you said one option is to restart your phone. And the other one is just wait until it becomes active again. I think it's about 10 min
    05-31-2014 05:59 PM

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