1. Robin Knight's Avatar
    Speaker issues. When the phone rings its cracky and when someone leaves a message on my voicemail when I check it I cant understand the what the person was saying. and also the music sounds distorted. This is the second phone that did this. What can I do to correct this?
    10-21-2014 09:36 AM
  2. Dusan Randj's Avatar
    Try to blow (carefully) dust and metal particles if there are any. If doesn't help, it broke, send for repair or replacement...
    10-21-2014 09:39 AM
  3. SonicMach's Avatar
    Pay attention. She's having the same exact problem on two phones. Robin needs to pick up her voice mail using a few more different phones. If the voice mails are all distorted no matter what phone she uses, then it's a problem with her carrier's voice mail system.

    As an aside, the hold music and hold messages on Verizon always sound like crap and I never miss an opportunity to give the hell about it.
    11-02-2014 08:33 AM
  4. B Hammer's Avatar
    You say this is happening on more than one phone. Are both of the phones Lumia 928s? Is this just voicemail or does it happen on phone calls as well? Also, does it sound "cracky" when you put it on speaker phone?

    I was having issues with sound in my Lumia 928 whether it was voicemail or a phone call. When I changed over to speaker phone my problems with the sound distorting, introducing static, or continuously going on and off disappeared. It is a known issue for the speaker to go bad in these phones. I sent mine in and they couldn't fix it, so I was sent a "new" phone.
    11-04-2014 09:35 AM

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