1. deuce01's Avatar
    I'm going to get my son a Windows Phone from VZW and am trying to decide between a used 928 and the new 735. I've had a 928 as has my son and, although it has better specs in many ways, I'm concerned about the quality. What are y'all's thoughts on the two?
    06-20-2015 08:08 AM
  2. BSobotta's Avatar
    I would get the 735, if fit no other reason support.
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    06-20-2015 08:10 AM
  3. xandros9's Avatar
    out of the two I would also get the 735.

    why? I'm willing to trade some rear camera chops for longer battery life. Otherwise, they're on similar footing horsepowerwise.
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    06-20-2015 12:17 PM
  4. UptownWebhead's Avatar
    Definitely 735. Guaranteed support and great battery life. Plus easily swappable back cover means more variety if he isn't satisfied with standard grey.

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    06-20-2015 02:55 PM
  5. ramyZgHR's Avatar
    735. Great looking phone with newer hardware.
    06-20-2015 03:00 PM
  6. psiu_glen's Avatar
    I'll go against the grain here. It does depend on what your son is using it for.

    Pluses for the 928 though: much better camera (OIS, bigger sensor, higher resolution, xenon flash, hardware shutter button). Video will be much better with OIS and it has three mics as well. Glance screen available. The speaker is LOUD. IIRC, it has a special amp for it. None of the other Lumia's I've tried come close.

    Pro for 735: microSD slot, could be good for tons of music onboard.

    Look for a used 928 around $100-120 range and it's a great phone.
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    06-20-2015 03:22 PM
  7. mikefarinha's Avatar
    My wife and I both have had our 928's for about 2 years now. I've been waiting with anticipation for the next Verizon Windows phone flagship but I think I just might look at getting a used Lumia Icon and wait for the Windows 10 flagship phones to come down from whatever crazy initial price they'll start at. From what I understand the Lumia Icon is still a pretty big upgrade from the 928.

    I will miss my glance feature.
    06-21-2015 10:50 AM
  8. muneshyne21's Avatar
    I did a little SOC research and found that our ol' S4 is actually a more powerful processor. The SD 400 has a better GPU. Your kid may appreciate the better GPU if he plays games on it but the 928 has a better screen to play games on. Overall I'd say the overall performance is a wash. Whats more important to him? Better Main Camera/Video capabilities or more potential storage (for music, videos apps), selfie pictures and phone gaming? My thoughts:

    928 - Adult who needs it for business
    735 - Teen who needs it for teen stuff.
    06-23-2015 12:36 AM
  9. bo_woods's Avatar
    735 really only wins with micro sd, longer battery, better front camera, and a larger but not to forget less crisp screen

    You should check out the marketplace forums here at Windows Central. You might find something you like Hint, Hint for a good price
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    06-23-2015 11:21 AM
  10. Dush Ku's Avatar
    735 has no glance or tap to wake?
    10-27-2015 02:31 PM
  11. xandros9's Avatar
    735 has no glance or tap to wake?
    I believe it has double tap to wake, but no glance
    10-27-2015 03:01 PM

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