1. predsfan4life's Avatar
    I've been contemplating installing the preview, but because it is my everyday phone I just wanted to make sure there weren't too many kinks in the newest build. Do all Windows 8 apps work? Is there anything I'll lose in the process?
    06-28-2015 08:23 PM
  2. jacob103's Avatar
    I have it installed. It worked fine for me. Just be warned there are bugs and a few things you have to get use to. It's best to update and then reset the phone. It fixes a few bugs.
    06-28-2015 08:25 PM
  3. jacob103's Avatar
    The battery drain is huge too.
    06-28-2015 08:26 PM
  4. Carl Anderson's Avatar
    The battery drain is huge too.
    When did you install it? And after the hard reset did you do a restore or no?
    I did a restore, and noticed the battery drain was huge. However, I think what was happening was the applications I had on my phone prior to the upgrade were downloaded first from the old store and then again from the Store (Beta). Every time I looked at the Store, my "recently added" list was huge.

    I didn't notice too much drain yesterday, but will check during the week.

    I have been running it since Thursday night. Here is what I have seen -

    After the apps have been re-downloaded, the responsiveness is on par with 8.1
    I am not sure if the Push Notification for Outlook are working 100%
    Some Band background communication issues re: notifications.
    I am unable to add a picture to a contact in People Hub if they didn't have one before the upgrade.
    The Quiet Hours in the Action Center is blinking.

    Right now, all of the apps I need to work are working. Outlook, OneNote, etc. Haven't noticed too many apps not working. Some minor issues with Live Tiles for Calendar and Mail.

    EDIT - Yes, there is more of a drain on the battery than 8.1.
    Last edited by Carl Anderson; 06-29-2015 at 05:30 PM.
    06-29-2015 09:53 AM
  5. Nick Ans's Avatar
    Okay I want to buy the Lumia 928 and use a Tmobile sim in it. I already bought it twice and sold it twice since it had SMS issues when phone was set to H or H+ speeds. It also had issues with MMS. Now I have a Lumia 925. I really dont care about LTE, the Lumia 928 design is terrific. I want to buy it for the third time. So my question is with the Lumia Denim update is the SMS issue on Lumia 928 when connection is H or H+ fixed yet and are the MMS issues resolved with TMobile. Please help me if anyone of you use Lumia 928 with Tmobile. I really want to buy it.
    07-03-2015 02:21 AM

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