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    I've had my orange 930 now for a couple of days and want to share my perspective of the phone.
    FYI; I've had several windows phones. HTC Titan, Lumia 920, Lumia 1520 and now lumia 930.

    First i will start with some of the positive first impressions I got from the phone:

    Excellent build quality - although this has to be experienced over time, I certainly got the impresson that this thing can last forever. The feel of the phone is absolutely amazing if you don't mind a tiny bit sharp edges. I've sometimes felt with the 1520 that it was kinda slippery, probably because of the very round edges and how thin the phone is. The 920 has been the phone that had the best feel in my hand, up until now. Although I'm certain some people still will favor the 920's grip over the 930. My point is, this phone won't slip in your hand!

    Beautiful screen - Yes, the 1080p makes all the difference. As I went from the 1520 to 930, that wasn't much of a difference, but Im sure you 920/1020 guys surely will be amazed. Colors are clear and natural. Yes, I also have some of the purple hue issue. More on that later.

    The Design - This really just depends on taste, but I do think this is an all needed refreshment of the Lumia design. Although this is no new or revolutionary design of a phone, I still think that this kind of design on a phone has been done.... how should i put it, as most beautiful as it can be done, on the 930. The black (standby) screen, the clear metal frame and with a colored polycarbonate cover on the back makes it one stunning phone.

    So, on the slightly disappointing parts.

    The sim-tray - Am I supposed to use my nail to get this re-opened in the future? The youtube video from Nokia says so. And it says not to use tools. That area where you are supposed to get your nail into and under the tray is so small that I first have to grow a nail on my pinky, then cut the nail off and then use the thinnest end of the nail to get under there. But, wouldn't it then become a tool? Idk, Nokia, surely there must be a better way....

    The back button - This is also "different taste" kind of thing and applies to all Lumia's, but, is it just me, or does anyone else hate that the back button is on the far side of the phone?? No offense, leftys. One thing on the 930 where i can barely reach it, but with the 1520 it was just simply impossible, unless your father was Bigfoot.

    Purple hue - As mentioned, I have some of the purple hue too. And from what I've read on the forum, I'm pretty sure most 930 does, if not all. I do think this is more of a software issue since you can pretty much eliminate it in the display setting. More on that below.

    The heating - Yes, when i first used the phone there was a lot of heating. More on the fix below.

    The battery - Straigh out from the box, the battery was horrible. Probably one of the worst on all the phone I've experienced. Again, possible fix below.

    Now I want to talk about how I've, in the later years, set up my windows phone and how I've gotten rid of most of the bugs by applying what most have been said on the forum.

    Step 1. Okay, you've opened the box and pick up the phone. From my perspective you now have two choices. Either charge the phone fully before you use it, or you can start using it and then do not charge it until the battery is completely empty. I don't know if this is the best way of getting the best battery life, but I have been satisfied with the results I've been getting from doing either one of the options. Personally I use the second option the most, because who has the patient to wait when you just bought a juicy new gadget???

    Step 2. You start setting up the phone as quickly as possible. I don't even sign in with my microsoft account. When it is done, immediately factory reset the phone.

    Step 3. When the factory reset is done, it's time for the second set up. This time I do it properly. I never restore from backup either, always start with "fresh" phone.

    Step 4. The first thing you do after the phone is set up is to turn off WiFi/LTE. This, so no apps can be update, yet.

    Step 5. Delete all pre innstalled apps you dont use. Like News, Sports, some nokia photo apps, etc... Whatever you dont use. I personally delete all the "bing" apps and such.

    Step 6. Now you can turn WiFi/LTE back on and let the remaining apps update.

    Step 7. Continue doing the battery thing. When it's fully charged, use it all up before you charge again. Do this as long as you have the patience for it.

    This has been my "ritual" for a while, and, for me, has been the best way of setting up a windows phone.

    The "key" settings:

    NFC OFF - I use it so rarely and dont really see a benefit when connection to other devices like a pair of headphones, except when you are gonna pay by phone or similar.

    Adjust brightness AUTOMATIC - Haven't made any difference for me to have it set on a manual setting, except if you want to get better battery life with having it on "low" all the time.

    Location ON - Idk if this drains a lot of battery, but I've never really had it of since I like to have it one so apps can access my location. There is a bigger chance of me needing assistance of being found, than me not wanting to be found.....

    Touch - Always on high. I don't use double tap to wake and I turn OFF the vibration on the navigation keys. This has increased my battery life to the point that it wasn't worth having these features on.

    Display - Sunlight readability OFF. Purple hue temporary fix: Tap on "adjust" on color profile. Select Advanced. Slide the Tint to the left until you are satisfied with the color.

    I don't have any blocked apps from being on in the background. And I have a lot of "social" apps.

    This settings are what have made my windows phone experience the best.

    As of now, the phone dont really heat up that much, the battery life is increasing day by day and the purple hue it tolerable.

    Oh, and don't pin Cortana or Battery saver on the start screen. This might give you the the black "Loading" screen and the intense heat and battery drain.

    I think I have covered most of what i set out to talk about, but there are two things left i can come up with.

    The color on the back cover of my orange 930 - It was supposed Orange. It's not really. Not the orange I'm used to atleast. It's definitely is not as advertiesed. The color your see in youtube clips and picture is orange. This phone I have have a color that can't really be expressed by one word or a name. It's like half orange, 3/8 bright red and 1/8 pink. Or something similar. It's really bright and very red-ish. It's not that it's a bad color. It's just not what i expected when i saw the phone for the first time. But the lighting in the room/outside really makes a different on the color when you are looking at it. In broad daylight, like cloudy grey/white light it kinda looks like the orange 930 in the pictures and the videos. But in a darker room with yellow lamp light it's almost looks red.... Or can this possibly just be my orange 930??

    The camera - Often read that people are not very satisfied with the camera, especially in low light conditions. Yes, in low light conditions there is no way around the grainy pics. But I think one of the ways to getting a great picture is, not only by adjusting settings, but also they way you use the phone while taking the picture. I for one, never use the camera button when i take the picutre. Whenever I do, i often either get a blurry picture, or get more of the grainy stuff. I think it might be that, in my case, when I press on the button there is a slight movement going through my whole hand, making the posture shift a little as i take the picture. We're talking mm here though. (Yes, the metric system). Instead, the software camera button only needs a slight touch to take the picture, so my hand is much more still. Is this just me?

    All in all I'm really starting to like the 930. And that wasn't easy coming from 1520 which is a great piece of technology. For the people coming from 920/925/1020, I do think they will love the upgrade. For the 1520 guys, if you're not really a craving tech nerd like myself, I would stick with the 1520.

    There, wow, that's a lot of personal opinions in one post. Go easy on me guys, but feel free to comment on anything, wether you agree/disagree or have your own perspective and tips. I only want everyone to have the best possible windows phone/930 experience.

    BTW, as you probably can see, english isn't my first language, so there is probably a lot of mistakes here and there....

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    07-17-2014 07:03 PM
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    Thank you for sharing your experience.

    Oh, and don't pin Cortana or Battery saver on the start screen. This might give you the the black "Loading" screen and the intense heat and battery drain.
    How much reliable is this? I'm currently experiencing terrible battery life and heat issues, and I'm having Battery Saver pinned on the Start screen.
    07-17-2014 07:44 PM
  3. Kallekleiven's Avatar
    To be honest, not much really... But from my experience: On my 1520 when i removed Battery saver from start screen I got a lot less heating/black loading screen issues. On my 930 it stopped when i removed cortana from my start screen.
    07-17-2014 08:15 PM
  4. duncan0622's Avatar
    Ya I agreed the orange isn't as advertised as in the picture or video, but it's still not bad and surprisingly match the silver frame very well.

    I switched from Lumia 1520 as well and I agreed your point. If you're looking for a versatile device (sd slot, massive screen), you would rather stick with 1520. But if you're looking for a phone, that must be Lumia930.

    Thanks for the battery saving tips. My phone is not that hot now after first 2 days horrendous performance. I did the factory reset, unpinned the cortana(turn her off in background) and occasional soft-reset.
    07-18-2014 01:35 AM
  5. AlexanderPD's Avatar
    Do you have some intensive 3d game? My lumia 925 gets so hot i fear that it can melt after 15 min of playing Mini Motor Racing (i really like that game).
    If you have 0.99$ (or 0.99€) to waste in a game can you try it and tell if your 930 gets really hot too?

    Mini Motor Racing | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
    07-18-2014 02:43 AM
  6. sibirsk's Avatar
    For the battery usage, I removed Battery Saver from the background list. Everything else is turned on.
    Before, my phone would lose a few % of battery each hour even if I did not turn it on a single time. Now, the %'s remain pretty constant if there's no usage.
    As for the purple tint, I have it, I also have screen disuniformity on dark-gray backgrounds (i.e. when calling), and also the "backlight bleeding" effect. Looks like Nokia should fix their display app.
    07-18-2014 04:44 AM
  7. petesmc's Avatar
    Anyone else have the problem where the start screen won't turn on / or take 5- 10 seconds? Or when you end a call, the screen is just black and takes a while to go to the main screen?
    07-18-2014 10:51 PM
  8. duncan0622's Avatar
    Anyone else have the problem where the start screen won't turn on / or take 5- 10 seconds? Or when you end a call, the screen is just black and takes a while to go to the main screen?
    I have experienced start screen loading for 5-10s. I searched the forum and be advised to unpin the cortana which may be the culprit. Regarding delay after phone call, no I do not have the problem.
    07-19-2014 09:45 AM
  9. luk3ja's Avatar
    The left hand side of my screen has a purple/darker tint to it, is that what people mean when they say they have a purple hue screen problem or is theres on the entire screen and therefore mine is faulty???
    07-20-2014 12:47 PM

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