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    probably a noob question but i have a website i use pretty frequently for work that doesnt seem to be showing on my 930.
    tried messing with settings but its just showing a blank screen..

    the other question i have is for those that have the full outlook app on a PC or tablet. i have outlook set up on my surface, it has multiple mailboxes for my various accounts but setting up outlook on the 930 seems to be more like the online version where you can set up multiple mailboxes and link to your inbox and not seperately within the outlook app (e.g. it needs to be seperate tiles for each mailbox on wp). has anyone else set this up similarly to my surface or do i need to change my surface to match the 930 single mailbox as everything will be going to my linked hotmail inbox instead of the individual ones?

    07-18-2014 04:26 AM

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