1. BobiBolivia's Avatar
    Hello guys,

    Now that L930 is available, is somebody willing to tell me, how 925 is doing low light shots comparing to 930 ?
    Was anybody able to do some comparision test ?

    I did some low light shots during weekend, and also yesterday, but I am starting to believe that 925 is doing better low light shots (for me a little bit more important than day light shots), comparing some pictures around the internet. I also did some video in very low light conditions and I was disappointed (some purple fragments during shooting, you can check in Pics and Videos topic).

    This evening I am going to be out again, so I will have a good chance to make some low light shots from 930 somewhere in pubs, maybe also outside.
    Can somebody guide me what should I test during shots ?
    I want to make as much objective photos as possible, to show to also other people, how 930 is performing.

    Thank you,
    Bobi Bolivia
    07-22-2014 09:38 AM

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