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    My L930 is one of the first batches made and after have using it approximently 1 month I feel that it has started to get buggy/laggy.

    My problems;
    - Sometimes when watching videos, no matter application the screens gets dark and only the sound plays. The back button is responsive, but there is no vibration nor light from it. This problem is easily solved by a restart.
    - The "desktop" is unable to load sometimes, when unlocking the phone the screen gets black and the only thing you see is the "Loading..." text and then you wait. If I'm lucky, the desktop loads after a minute or so, else a restart i needed. This can also happend after a app crashes.
    - Sudden app crashes(freeze followed by a automatic restart)
    - A green line before taking a shot. This happens rarely, but sometimes when using 6snap och Nokia Camera the screen shows a green vertical line on the left side. It appears for maximum 1 second, and I have never been able to catch it on picture or movie.
    - Internet sharing problems. I spent my vaccation in Montenegro this year and bought a Montenegrian number, just to have non-stop access of 3G. Unfortunately, my friends phones were carrier locked so I was their hotspot.
    I worked really well, but sometimes the function just quited and wasn't able to launch in X hours. A restart didn't help either. Note that there were normally 2 phones hooked to mine, but 3-4 were also connected sometimes. If you wondering, the number of connected phones wasn't relevant, though, the amount of time the internetsharing was in work did matter.

    So my question for you guys. What would you do? Let the phone be, hoping this is a WP 8.1 software problem? Or is it a possibilty that my L930 have a hardware problem? Should I make a factory recovery using Nokias application or contact my reseller and send it to Nokia/Microsoft?

    Best regards

    P.S I'm a Swede, hope my english isn't to bad. If so, I'm sorry :P
    08-25-2014 04:43 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Were the problems that you describe present when you bought the phone, or have they developed gradually? Either way, attention is required. A Factory Reset ought not to be necessary so soon after buying the phone, although you may prefer to do that for speed and simplicity...whereas returning the phone to the manufacturer will take a long time. Factory Resetting will not invalidate the warranty, so you will still have the option of returning the phone to the manufacturer, if the problems return after Resetting.

    Your English is astonishingly good, by the way.

    Din engelska r frvnansvrt bra. Hur ni svenskar gr det? (Goog.Tr.)

    Posted via Windows Phone Central App
    08-26-2014 06:17 PM
  3. sup3r1or's Avatar
    That loading on start screen I started having that after factory resetting my phone.
    08-30-2014 10:39 PM

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