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    Hi All

    Know this might be the wrong forum, but I didnt know, where to post...

    My story: I am trying to sync my music with the windows phone dekstop app. I am choosing the songs to sync. I press sync. Dialog box turns up asking if I'm shure I want to delete a lot of files - a warning. I am ok with it, since I gather it is going to delete som albums from my phone. I press ok and then it deletes my camera roll completely!!! I cant believe it - I double check, I AM in the "music-department" in the desktop app. How the he** can it delete my camera roll?

    Does some one have an explanation for this and did this happen to any of you?

    Know it seems like a strange question...

    And yes my photos are in the cloud but not the highres ones....:-(
    11-07-2014 05:38 PM

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