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    Hey all.

    So I just got home with a brand new Lumia 930 in BLACK.

    I have never ever used a Windows phone before, nor have I ever even held one (prior to yesterday!) but decided to pick one up.

    My story? Well...

    I have always had different phones throughout the years before 'smart' phones, and have never really been particularly brand loyal.
    However, as phones got more advanced and Apple entered the market, I became drawn to the iPhone and ended up using them for a good number of years. I've never been massively enamoured with Android as I was't huge on how customisable it was. It sounds silly, but as much as I grew to hate the closed off boxed in experience of iOS, I similarly wasn't a fan of how open Android was is.

    So I switched from iOS earlier this year to BlackBerry. Went for a Q10, loved the physical keypad. Ended up switching to a Z10 as the screen was just slightly cramped for me. The Z10 had a horrendous onscreen keyboard. Everyone raves about it, but the mistakes I made on it were just ridiculous. I even spent a good month with it before deciding to leave it and go back to iOS.

    I then quickly got bored haha. I waited for the BB Passport and have been using that since. Loved it. I will defend that phone to the death for a business user. For me, a more casual user, the size and lack of apps like mobile banking (even side loaded, they don't work) became too much, so I made the move to Android with the Xperia Z3 Compact.
    Having used the Passport, the Z3 Compact was too small and light. It just felt like it was gonna break if I set it down too hard!
    Plus, Android just got on my nerves.

    So then I was stuck. Where do I go now? I hadn't even considered Windows phones, for no reason other than i didn't think I'd like them. Also, the general consensus I'd read / heard was that there wasn't as many apps, similar to BB. And the reason I kept going back to BB was purely the keypad, so what would Windows offer for me that iOS and Android wouldn't do better?

    Yesterday I set down and began looking at phones all over again. I stumbled on the Lumia 930 as what I was searching for is a great camera.
    This came up a lot so I though 'why not just look into it?'
    I spent alll day looking, decided to dash to a phone shop before closing last night and had a play. It had clasps round it and was soldered on to a display board, so wasn't exactly a real 'hands on', but I enjoyed what I saw.
    When I got in I did some more research around getting my music over to it from iTunes, the apps I want / need and if I can get them (check for both!) and whether the phone OS would work for me.

    I ended up back in store this afternoon and am now the proud owner of a Lumia 930 in black!

    First impressions:

    Feels incredible. Do not understand all of the complaints of 'bulky'. My sister has the iPhone 6 and I hate hate hate it. I don't get why a phone that doesn't feel nice in hand is praised, just because it is thin. I really hope thinner phones don't become the norm, as I just don't find them ergonomically friendly at all.
    Also, complaints about the weight?!! Why? The Z3 Compact is praised for it's weigh and feel, but in my eyes it's like a toy! This is a proper phone in my opinion.

    Screen. Haven't even messed much yet but the screen is glorious. Love the inky blacks. So lovely.

    OS. Need to play more, but I really really like the tiling. It's just different. And it's that perrrrfect mix between iOS and Android for me - not closed off, but not so customisable that you don't know what to do with your damn widgets and apps! There's just enough customisation to really make your home screen look completely different to other Windows 8 users.

    Camera. The biggest sell for me. Have hardly tried it. Some shots haven't been great yet, but I have no idea what I am doing. Any help with what settings to use would be great!

    So all in all - massively impressed. So far...
    I am a huge huge huge music listener and my device is important for that. If my music will not go over from iTunes (DRM etc) I'm gonna be massively upset. It's a deal breaker for me.

    Will post back later once I've got everything set up and complete to how I want it.
    But as it stands, really impressed.

    Wish me luck!
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    11-30-2014 10:12 AM
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    Well, congratulations for your new toy. Judging from your previous purchases it might not last that long either 😊 but still, enjoy it as long as it lasts.
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    11-30-2014 11:17 AM
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    Welcome to the WP family! About camera, you can find some professional tutorials on Nokia's official YouTube page (in the Lumia 1020 playlist). Good luck!
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    11-30-2014 11:26 AM

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