1. user4545's Avatar
    Scrolling in IE is a real pain, so often the touch thinks i want to press a link instead of scrolling. But even more annoying is this freakin hesitation right after every swipe i do, making the scrolling stutter! Just scrolling in this forum give me this problem. Am i alone or do you guys experience the same?
    12-13-2014 12:06 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    I don't get those problems. I've got Touch Sensitivity set to Normal....have you tried that?

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    12-13-2014 01:21 PM
  3. Chris B42's Avatar
    I have the same problem on Lumia 625 running developer preview. Only started after 8.1 update 1. I suspect an Internet Explorer issue as other apps & UC browser are fine. Changing touch sensitivity makes no difference. Some websites are worse than others (Techradar, The Guardian).
    12-13-2014 01:33 PM
  4. hutchinsane's Avatar
    yeah, I have the same problem. Both on my 920 and my 930, only appeared after the 8.1.1 update :/ sites like tumblr or 9gag click instead of scroll once a certain amount of pictures are loaded and if you try to long press, they click aswell. :/
    Stephen Pedersen likes this.
    12-13-2014 01:47 PM
  5. Ssrki's Avatar
    Same problem here
    12-13-2014 03:47 PM
  6. user4545's Avatar
    Yes, also think the problem started after an update, can't remember having it out of the box.
    12-16-2014 01:20 PM

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