01-12-2016 02:55 AM
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  1. Harrie-S's Avatar
    I have had the 930 since it first came out in the UK and the battery life has been quite bad. I have done all the things that have been suggested to improve the battery life on it but it still doesn't last that long. I'm hoping that when they finally release Windows 10 Mobile for it the battery life will be better and it will fix a few of the bugs that 8.1 has on the 930.
    Get some wireless chargers for in your house/car/ office and battery live problems a gone. You have to spend some money but ... That is what I did at least. And don't expect to much battery live improvement from W10.
    12-15-2015 06:37 AM
  2. areithropos's Avatar
    As some reviews state confirming my personal experience the Lumia 930 has a rather bad battery life.
    Typically it lasts 15 to 20 hours for me and theoretically more than 24 hours up to 30 and past.
    But it depends heavily on how I use the phone, the numbers past 20 hours require me to almost never use the phone actively besides calls and only one or two hours of active usage.

    It is nice to hear from some guys that their phones last constantly more than a day but after searching and reading some reviews coupled with my experience I cannot confirm such statements.

    To give an example of active usage: I watched a YouTube video over mobile data, two let's play videos to be more precisely, and it lasted one hour; I was at 50% at the beginning and at 11% one hour later. A drop of 39% in one hour and such actions should be avoided if one wants to use it more than a few hours.
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    01-10-2016 03:59 PM
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    Weird thing is yesterday I tested the battery against a Note 3 (similar specs), which still gives me five or more hours of screen time per charge. As we know, the 930, umm, doesn't. I set them both up for navigation, set the brightness approximately the same (the 930 never really gets very dark, part of its battery problem I think, although Windows 10 makes it easier to make it darker) and during a 45 minute journey the batteries both lost about the same: 17% for the Note 3 and 19% for the 930, although Windows 10 Maps has less dark colours (for the OLED screens) than Google Maps, so that counts in the 930's favour. I was really surprised, because honestly, I can lose 19% sometimes just using readit for half an hour, and all it's doing is displaying text on a black background. I thought something more taxing like mapping would be worse, but in fact it's better. So after all that, I felt left with more questions than answers... Is it the apps? Something to do with Windows OS? Something else?
    01-11-2016 11:50 AM
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    That is like my experience; every time the display is on, the battery drain is quite high while reading a text or using it for navigation.
    I like to read on my phone and that is why I am quite disappointed because with my 930 reading is hard work for the battery.
    Some battery saver features for CPU and display would be helpful maybe.

    Playing is another thing: I was able to empty the battery in roughly two hours (Sims Free Play and Lara Croft Temple Run). Also bad is watching a video over mobile data.

    I am not sure what the reasons are because using much dark on the screen helps a bit but overall the screen-on time is disappointing, and the new Lumias 950 seem to have similar problems and thus I am still hoping that maybe a new firmware update could help here a little (pessimistic as I am at times I think Microsoft is not doing much for a phone which gets called old).
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    I would love a black and white mode like iOS has on WM10! I use my iPod only for Spotify and so I have that mode on constantly. The Lumia 930 just had a crazy 1080p screen! No way for achieving great battery life on a pixel dense screen like that. Well not with a battery of 2.4AH. Just compare the pixel density of the Lumia 930 and the current iPhone 6s for a second. There. You have your answer! My screen takes up 75% of my battery when I use my phone. It's just physics in a way.... WM is already pretty battery efficient on the current build. I have my screen set to aromatic by the way. In addition to the colour settings WM10 adds detailed brightness settings. The issue here with the Lumia 930 is that you simply cannot put that slider to the absolute minimum. All your greys (and there are a lot of them in WM10) will have a purple tint, especially when looking at the screen in the dark! This is a calibration issue this phone suffers from the get to. So to conclude i just think the ONE thing that has to improve in technology the most is battery technology. Whether it's electric cars, smartphones or Ultrabooks. They all have to improve SUBSTANTIALLY to keep up with higher resolution displays and SOCs. I'm looking at you x86 Surface Phone...
    01-12-2016 02:55 AM
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