01-24-2015 08:03 PM
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    This thread just got off to an unfortunate start.

    Many folks here, particularly Ambassadors, answer dozens of questions every day. Unfortunately, some of those questions are asked daily, over and over again. Ironically, its usually exactly those types of questions which could most easily and quickly be answered by a simple forum or web search. It's a shame, because those people take away from the time Ambassadors could have spent helping folks with less trivial issues. If you're volunteering your time, you want to know you are making a difference, and not just supporting people in their laziness. It's not hard to understand that even Ambassadors can sometimes get a little edgy...

    In this case the question was more about the role of firmware, rather than whether a particular device will be updated. That question is not as easy to find an answer for. That this was overlooked was unfortunate, but we're all only human. It can happen. The reaction on both sides was not optimal, but there is no need to blow this out of proportion. An apology was extended, it was accepted, no further apologies are required.

    Sportex, you got your answer (see Pete's post) which is what matters and is what we're here for. As this thread has veered off course I'll close it, but feel free to open a new one if there is something you're not yet clear on.

    Wish you all a good night!

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    01-24-2015 07:56 PM
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    Guess what? I was here thinking, some lucky lad got Denim and WP10 somehow miraculously and he is bragging about it in this thread. Then I read and read more and felt like I wasn't on Windows Central anymore. This is probably the third major OS upgrade I am luckily witnessing and this is the time of the year, we will have new members joining us or those who have been inactive/browsing casually - will get active. This is when as a community we've always come together and helped out the folks that need *any* help.

    No questions is stupid, it never is. No answer is rude, it never will be. Yes, we are typing away things and can be perceived differently by different folks behind the keyboard. Generally, things threads go a little off topic on these boards and then its all a friendly banter. However, this thread is building up an unwelcoming trend and I'm afraid, I will close this thread just because, WP10 is cool. Nothing to do against anyone or for anyone. Also, I like you all, I do.

    Have a good weekend guys, see you in other nicer threads where we discuss Windows stuff?
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    01-24-2015 08:00 PM
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    ^ already closed it 😉
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    01-24-2015 08:03 PM
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