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    Hey guys
    I have had a Lumia 930 for a while now and have been pretty happy bout it.. and now my GF has got one as well, after her iPhone broke. She's been pretty happy too, big screen, good battery life, great camera.. but theres a problem...
    She's a professional opera singer (crazy right) and she have been using her iPhone for recording voice training sessions and signing lessons for a long time.. Problem is, the quality of high pitch sounds and the general sound clarity on the Lumia 930 is not good at all... high pitch sounds get distorted when played back through the phone speaker! This is a big problem for her, as she uses the phone for training purposes, and audio recording was one of the reasons she bought this phone, as MS boasts High Quality Mic's and Dolby 5.1 recording!?!

    Any recoding sound just fine played through headphones, but play it through the phone speaker and it just sounds awful. The funny thing is that, when playing opera-tracks (on the phone speaker) from Spotiy/Xbox Music, or her old recordings from her iPhone, there is no distortion, so it has nothing to do with the speakers capabilities.
    It must have something to do with how audio recordings are played back through the phones speaker. They are maybe not optimized or decoded the same way music is.. since the recordings sound just fine in headphones.. and that's kinda strange!?! We've tried to save them to the phones music folder and play them back through the Xbox Music App, but no luck, still the same crap!
    We've tried quite a few audio recording apps, e.g. Perfect Recorder and The Sound Recorder (and several others), both with a lot of audio quality options, but all of them have the same problem, not matter how high I crank up the quality.... 96 kHz 192kbit/s MP4 recordings (way higher quality than what the iPhone could produce) have crap pitch and clarity played through the phones speaks!?
    I have yet to get her to try and record video, to see how the playback quality is there.. but I'm really disappointed in the professional audio capabilities of this phone, both the apps and the hardware.. especially taking into account the High Pressure quality mic's and the Dolby 5.1 recording capabilities! IPhones can't be the only choice for people working with audio/music.. come on! :/

    I'm just a bit frustrated, since she's happy bout everything else bout the phone.. but she might have to go back to an iPhone, if there is no way for her to record quality audio and play it back through the phones speakers.

    Have anyone had any luck finding a good recording solution for Windows Phone, i'll gladly hear them? Do you have any idea how to maybe solve this? Since it seems to be something in the recording/playback software or drivers that is bunk!?
    We've tried this both on my phone and hers, so this is not an isolated hardware issue!

    Cheers guys, hoping for some tips or advice here! And sorry for my English! :)
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    02-03-2015 06:55 AM
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    I don't use audio recording much, but when I needed to record audio, I used OneNote, as it has this feature right built in. I don't do any singing though, so I can't tell if it's any better this way than how your girlfriend did it.
    What she could try and do though is record a video, as the Lumia camera (not sure about the OS default Microsoft camera) offers outstanding audio recording.
    02-03-2015 07:16 AM
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    Never used Audio Recording feature, but for sure you are having mix and match information on this phone. The Dolby Digital plus 5.1 recording works only with video (when enabled under settings) if you want to record an audio, then find the best app and am sure you will get either mono or stereo recording for the same.
    02-04-2015 02:19 PM

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