1. jakethemouse's Avatar

    I dropped my lumia 930 on the weekend and was lucky enough to not have the screen crack however my silver bezel around the screen is pretty messed up with scratches and dings in it.

    I wanted to know if this can be replaced? Can I purchase 930 bezel from anywhere?

    03-22-2015 11:47 PM
  2. telmob's Avatar
    I also need this.
    And if i find it to expensive, i'll buy an old Nokia. Maybe an N9...
    03-23-2015 11:52 AM
  3. tommikovski's Avatar
    As far as i know the bezel and the screen of the 930 are one unit, so it is pretty expensive and nearly impossible to change only the bezel. Especially since you would have to pry your current display and aluminum frame apart and im not sure the display would survive this.

    Better look out for a second hand unit with damaged internals to switch parts with.

    03-24-2015 10:20 AM

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