1. TristanAZ's Avatar
    Hey everybody,

    Let me start this by saying I love this phone. I'm using the unlocked international version in the United States. Now. For the weird stuff. (Hopefully you can see the picture) this happened.

    It started out as a very small discovering by the camera button on the bottom right. Is this related to overheating? I also cracked the screen (I won't even get into that catastrophe, who breaks a Nokia screen?) And wonder if that may have triggered it.

    Anyway! I just wondered if I should replace the screen, and if that could fix this from happening again. There is no Nokia center that I know of that will fix the screen so I would have to use a third party screen replacement. That could cost 150-200$ so I want to be as sure as possible before committing to repair the screen.

    Please help fellow windows phone people! I really appreciate any help I can get.

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    04-14-2015 10:15 PM
  2. Sandeep Parandekar's Avatar
    By any chance, you kept your phone near to Magnet ?
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    04-15-2015 12:06 AM
  3. TristanAZ's Avatar
    No, I don't. The area by the camera button has been abnormally hot and I did a factory reset. But yeah, no magnets.

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    04-15-2015 12:47 AM
  4. PsyOr's Avatar
    Is it happened after you cracked the screen or after this area got hit?

    Looks like screen got damaged, not the regular burning in of amoled screens.
    Usually a yellow tint in the corners is related to the adhesive of the glass of the LCD that become visible because of the heat, but this looks like a damage.
    04-15-2015 02:53 AM
  5. TristanAZ's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply,

    It was fine for a couple months after the crack. I noticed an odd coloring in the bottom right on internet explorer one day, and it just started slowly spreading (like I would notice more every couple days)

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    04-15-2015 07:53 AM
  6. oldpueblo's Avatar
    I have this exact same issue, and it only started days ago. I didn't damage the phone, it just appeared out of nowhere. Unfortunately I bought mine from Expansys in the US, which means I have no carrier to replace it (not offered) and no Nokia service centers to fix it either. It grows ever so slowly, but steadily. I'm going to go into a MS store to see if there is anywhere they can ship it. Since the 930 isn't sold in the US I doubt they'll offer to replace it though technically it should still have the one year MS warranty. I believed it to be some kind of burn mark since it seems to emanate from the part of the phone that gets the hottest.

    ​I also found this thread and posted in it. http://discussions.nokia.com/t5/Lumi...m/td-p/3002351
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    04-15-2015 09:20 PM
  7. PsyOr's Avatar
    Very weird. There is something the users who got this did the same? Like wireless charging, pressure... Is there a way to find if it's from the same assembly line?
    What back color of the device do you have?
    Did you tried to cool this area using a air condition straight to this place? Any changes?
    04-16-2015 01:17 AM
  8. ap0calypto's Avatar
    Looks like a glue in between layers of touch screen. HTC has problems like that, apple too. Heat is to blame
    04-16-2015 01:44 AM

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