1. pokmijn's Avatar
    Hi, I just switched to HERE maps. I like it, but have also one problem. In comparison with other maps (Garmin/GM) arrival time is always calculated with + margin of 40 minutes. FAE: Garmin shows arrival time is 10:00 AM, HERE Maps shows that is 10:40 AM. And during the trip HM arrival time is dropping to get 10:00 at the destination point. Its not wery big problem for me as i can do -/+ calculations, but annoying, it is. Can you help me with this matter?
    04-23-2015 08:33 AM
  2. Praxius's Avatar
    Well from my experience with Here Drive since my Lumia 800, it determines your ETA by distance to travel, speed limits along the way and known traffic conditions at the time you started the route.

    I have noticed that in most situations it is accurate by 2-3 minutes from its initial calculation.

    The factor that it cannot determine at the start is the "You" factor, or anything that has happened on your route shortly before or after your departure.

    As an example, if you hit a snag of traffic that became heavier since you departed and you slow you speed down and stay at that speed and position for a specific time, your ETA adjusts to the new time it will take you, which will start to add minutes to your travel time.

    Then let's say you clear through that traffic and fly through more green lights than normal, and/or you go a wee bit over the speed limit for a bit..... Your travel time then starts to drop in minutes.

    I have never had a static result in my travel time always being +40 mins. Then again, I have only ever used Here Drive for my GPS/Turn by Turn Nav. All I know is that the end time matches my end drive.

    For me, Here Drive+ is very reliable for most of my driving experiences since moving here to Melbourne. My wife used to use a subscription one on her Galaxy S3 and it just didn't seem to do any better than my free GPS.

    I know you said you were using Here Maps, but I am assuming you're using the Windows 10 Maps where Here Maps, Drive and everything else is merged into one.

    If not and you are still on 8.1, may I suggest you try Here Drive? I have only used Here Maps / Scout for walking to a specific location nearby that I couldn't quite find. (in regards to turn by turn travel stuff)

    To have a +40min added to all times sounds like a bug. I assume your date and time as well as region on your phone are correct?
    04-24-2015 06:55 PM
  3. pokmijn's Avatar
    Thanks for answer, i've made bigger question post on android central. With photos and so on :), but i cant post link yet... but its easy to find with my username.

    Some facts noticed:
    - this same situation occurs with or without maps beeing online and trrafic data beeing on or off (in Garmin fae, it doesn't matter, time is always right)
    - same situation is on W8/Android, ive even tried it with old symbian phone and on nokia maps same problem exists.
    04-25-2015 08:55 AM

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