1. P1ng0fDeath's Avatar
    hey folks

    It's a known fact that Glance needs display memory and proximity sensor to work. The 930 and 730 both lack the first but have the latter, so i was thinking... what if Microsoft could work on a handicapped different kind of Glance for phones that lack display memory? Like this:

    take a peek - available (possible due to the existent proximity sensor)
    interval - not available
    always on - not available
    always on while charging - available (it won't waste power as the battery would be charging anyway)

    what i mean is, "take a peek" would allow you to wake Glance up by hovering your hand over the sensor or taking the phone out of your pocket. 15 seconds later, it turns off, like any other phone with this feature. No display memory needed; no power wasted.

    interval and always on on the other hand still wouldn't be viable. Without display memory, i imagine they would be great battery eaters.

    maybe this would be a great way to have this useful and impactful feature on the 730, 930 and budget devices. Basically we'd get ''half Glance'', but hey, isn't that better than no Glance at all? For many people it's hard not to miss it when a lot of x20 series phones had it.

    and of course, i might completely wrong and have no idea what i'm talking about xD but it's just a thought

    what do you guys think?
    05-25-2015 08:57 PM
  2. bo_woods's Avatar
    This could easily be possible by being something sort of like a second black lockscreen being added that times out after 15 seconds.....
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    05-25-2015 10:06 PM
  3. noersetiawan's Avatar
    Completely agree, this can be implemented to almost any phone, this idea has been there since the 930 launched, but MSFT is yet to implement it, if I recall there is a uservoice entry about this.
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    05-25-2015 10:39 PM
  4. Ssrki's Avatar
    I mean that is very good and that is possible. Samsung have that function and it is linked with proximity sensor.
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    05-26-2015 12:16 AM
  5. P1ng0fDeath's Avatar
    i found an entry about it on User Voice today, if anyone wants to vote:


    06-03-2015 01:00 PM
  6. Makubex1980's Avatar
    Welcome to the world of android where everything is possible.....
    06-10-2015 01:55 AM

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