09-09-2015 07:31 AM
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  1. Keith Wallace's Avatar
    If you just want a Windows Phone to try, you might be better-off just looking for a cheap 635 or something for a bit. We're only 2-3 months from the W10M devices, and there aren't any real guarantees that the legacy devices will get timely updates to W10M. On top of that, even if you don't want to pay the higher prices for a 950/950XL, their release will drive the 930 prices down, and you'll get a better deal on a phone that basically runs on 2-year-old hardware.

    Also, if you go with the 930 over waiting, you CAN NOT get the Continuum feature, as they stated it requires the new chips to function. You also miss the option to go with the 950XL for stylus support. Neither is likely a major selling point for the average user, but I always find it hard to accept a long-term purchase that's already dated, such as buying an older phone model.
    08-18-2015 07:58 PM
  2. Keith Wallace's Avatar
    The Lumia 940 and 940XL are due to be announced and launched in the next 1-2 months. These devices are built with Windows 10 in mind and should be a big step forward for the Windows Phone / Lumia range.
    We're actually about 17 days (just over 2 weeks) from IFA (on September 4th), which is when the devices are expected to be announced. However, when WP8 launched, they did a September 5th announcement and a November 2nd launch (November 9th in America). So, it might be 2.5 months before the devices are in our hands, but it shouldn't be much beyond 2 weeks before we get an announcement (and maybe inside of 2 weeks before major leaks happen, though we know just about everything already).
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    08-18-2015 08:00 PM
  3. Chomiq's Avatar
    Don't forget that we've waited 4 months in EU for 930 to launch after the announcement.
    08-19-2015 02:12 AM
  4. Jcmg62's Avatar
    So now its going to be an October launch according to various tech sites.....that kinda sux big time. Microsoft haven't had a flagship out in nearly 2 years. That's a helluva long time to develop a decent bit of kit. C'mon Redmond, pull finger and stop with the delays already!!
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    08-23-2015 03:08 AM
  5. tommikovski's Avatar
    Im afraid that here in Europe the devices won't be released until early next year.
    Especially in Austria you never know when a newly announced device hits the shelves.
    So is MS really announces new Lumias in October we have up to 4 additional Months to wait until we get the goods.
    The 920 and 930 were releaset 6 months later and i remember the time i had to wait and i would go with a 930 for under 250 euros until the 940/950 is released :)
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    08-24-2015 06:03 AM
  6. M7H's Avatar
    I love it that they are not coming with a flagship, 2 times a year!
    I have the 930, and love the feeling that it still is a flagship device!

    What if you get a phone on a 2 year contract, and are confronted with the fact that you have an outdated device within 6 months.....
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    08-25-2015 05:46 AM
  7. TheJackah's Avatar
    I can happily say that, today I received the 930 and I absolutely love it! So much better than Android.
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    08-26-2015 06:46 PM
  8. tersagun's Avatar
    Hey folks,
    and what would you say about upgrading from a 920? :-)

    I'm using 920 as my daily driver and G3 for multimedia/Android stuff but lately my 920 started to lag a lot, Whatsapp quite problemeatic with the never endind "resuming", fast battery drain etc.

    Would you say it's a logical upgrade, ignoring the cost? Is the camera really much better or 20MP vs 8.7MP doesn't make such a major difference?
    I'm quite disappointed with the 950 designs so I guess I'll skip MS and will stick with a Nokia device.
    08-31-2015 10:14 AM
  9. Timo Riekenberg's Avatar
    Last week I had the same Problem.
    I bought the 930 and I have not regretted it.
    the resuming screens arent gone but less noticeable.
    Only the speed of the camera was worth it.

    Both take good pictures but the 930 makes better pictures. but do not expect miracles.
    The camera does not Take 20 mp Pictures. It takes a 5 and a 16mp Image.
    09-01-2015 12:35 PM
  10. Shiroi's Avatar
    I just snagged a black gold edition last Friday and I think it was a pretty good decision especially after I disapproved of the leaked new Lumia models. And the price has almost halved by now.
    09-02-2015 04:36 AM
  11. gordonfink's Avatar
    I'll have two of them Friday, and will probably post one here for sale. If interested - shoot me a PM
    09-02-2015 08:11 PM
  12. PsyOr's Avatar
    I bought the 930 after almost 5 years with android.
    Have some missing applications (at first I thought it won't be a problem but seems there are lake of useful apps and most of them are 'copy paste' or bad replica of the original ones), it's not 100% stable as I expected, browser (IE) sucks and there is no good replacement, also the internet speed is much slower then android so sometimes I turn off the wifi because the damn slow speed, personally I don't like the AMOLED screens as it can easily get burning in (one of the reasons to keep dark background), and maybe the most annoying thing (I bet they won't fix it with WP10) - screen blinking, similar to the flickering but the screen blinking sometimes (screen goes black for less then second and back again), have no idea why is this happens but it's very annoying.
    Beside that, its overall a good device, the best thing on it is the camera, with android I always had to manipulate the pictures to get them better, with this device I don't even touch it, just amazing quality! (uploaded a goal video from Allianz Arena stadium to Vimeo, after few days they delete it because they thought I shot the video from broadcast TV).
    LTE is a bonus, 32gb is enough.

    Overall a great device for the right price if you are not using a specific apps.
    09-05-2015 04:22 AM
  13. Chomiq's Avatar
    Both take good pictures but the 930 makes better pictures. but do not expect miracles.
    The camera does not Take 20 mp Pictures. It takes a 5 and a 16mp Image.
    Camera has 20mp sensor, and takes 18.7mp pictures in 4:3 crop and 16mp in 16:9 crop from the sensor.
    09-05-2015 04:34 AM
  14. Harrie-S's Avatar
    Camera has 20mp sensor, and takes 18.7mp pictures in 4:3 crop and 16mp in 16:9 crop from the sensor.
    Indeed the camera sensor has 20 Mpix pixels.
    And because it can take full (not cropped) pictures the camera sensor needs to be "bigger" to take 4:3 and 16:9 pictures.
    4:3 = 4992x3744=18690048 ≈ 18.7Mpix
    16:9 = 5376x3024=16257024 ≈ 16.3Mpix
    5376x3744=20127744 ≈ 20Mpix

    The "5Mp" photo you get because the camera algorithm reduces the file size "without" loosing "quality".
    09-05-2015 05:45 AM
  15. Manuel Meirinhos's Avatar
    I bought my Lumia 930 just a week ago, on the UK as well, and I love it!
    Wonderful screen, camera, extremely fast and reliable, and the user experience is so clean and beautiful.
    It's my 4th Windows Phone so far, and every time I try an android or iPhone I always end up coming back to windows phone.

    The reason why I bought it, even now that are about to arrive the 950's is because I don't want to pay that much for the upcoming phone but still enjoy a flagship experience. Just like an Apple guy going for the iphone 6 (or even 5s) instead of the about-to-arrive 6s.

    I am really excited over the new 950's but the extra specs and continuum weren't reason enough for me to pay extra for it. And that is only my point of view based on what I use it for: no games, not much apps, I just need a reliable fast smartphone for emails, office, whatsapp, internet, camera (a good one), music, sat-nav, etc.
    09-08-2015 05:36 PM
  16. NightOrchid's Avatar
    So far as Im aware, the 930 is getting W10M when its released, one of the only phones that isnt getting 10M officially is the 1520, although a 10M build will be available on the 1520 through the insider program.

    I love the 930, camera is amazing and its a nice size. The music player is fantastic with a nice pair of buds. My only real issue with it is that the Ringer volume could be louder, but thats the only real issue I have. I been with WP on and off since the HTC Radar and I think its the Best OS yet. Ive jumped back and forwards to Android... but only because of the great phones thats came out.. HTC, LG S6... but always end up back on WP.

    Its just so Fluid, Fast and ancomplicated... Basically.. It just works!

    Go for a 930, youll like it.. I came from a 1520, only because the 1520 for me, was to big to be a practical daily driver.

    Youll love it.
    09-09-2015 07:31 AM
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