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    My L930 has had a minor issue for the last month now, and it has been repeated today straight after the last official update.
    When I receive a call it will ring initially for perhaps one ring or two then go to silent, just as it would if I pressed the volume button to mute, so it keeps showing a call. Then when I answer it switches almost straight away to speaker without me touching anything, and the only way to get it back to normal is to turn it onto speaker myself and then turn it off speaker and it works perfectly for the rest of the call.

    This is happening on each call now, and whilst it is not a huge thing I have missed a call or two and don't appreciate the conversation going to speaker when I am not wanting it blurting out to everyone. I also have a L640 and have no issues like this at all, anyone any ideas?
    11-14-2016 04:39 AM

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