1. ehsan sakhaei's Avatar
    i have a lumia 930. from the first week which i purchased it, when i was using some apps or internet, voice command appeared unexpectedly and frequently.
    it is not for all times but sometimes it happens and really make me sad and crazy because it appears frequently and non-stop when i am using apps.
    even if i restart my phone, it appears again. also i had reset my phone 2 times but it appears again.
    maybe it would be helpful if i say that when cortana is active, it appears all times and frequently and unexpectedly.
    could you please help me?
    my email address: <redacted>
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    01-13-2017 10:20 AM
  2. RumoredNow's Avatar
    User, please do not post your personal contact details on open forums for your own protection...

    2 things can trigger Cortana in Listening Mode
    • "Hey Cortana" allows for always listening by the system: either turn the feature off or retrain the device for how it listens - preferred is your voice only.
    • Holding down on the Search button (capacitive button on the lower right in portrait orientation which looks like a magnifying glass). Is it possible you are accidentally holding this button during certain times?

    Seems not to be software since it persists through a reset. If it isn't Hey Cortana or how you grip the phone at times, you may have a physical (hardware) issue. Does the Search button work normally? Are all the capacitive keys working as they should?
    01-13-2017 10:44 AM
  3. ehsan sakhaei's Avatar
    i deactivated Hey Cortana
    i know that which key can operate voice command, but i never touch it while i am using apps or internet.
    all my phone keys are working well but this problem is killing me.
    i am unable to use an app continuously and this is really crazy.
    i always prefer microsoft, for example my laptop is surfacebook. but unfortunately this issue is making me crazy.
    i am even unable to write a message in Telegram continuously.... :(

    maybe the last solution is to throw it in fire.
    01-19-2017 03:03 PM

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