1. johnnyshinta's Avatar
    When I take my phone off the charger or plug it in it takes several seconds for the display to turn on. Is this normal?
    03-05-2014 06:56 PM
  2. Tom Gjonaj's Avatar
    ive noticed this too, might be a software issue, its pretty annoying sometimes you have to time whether or not you should wake the device or wait for it to come up after unplugging
    03-05-2014 07:11 PM
  3. lsmachado's Avatar
    I was having an issue for several days where my 1520 would not start charging for 5 or 10 minutes after I plugged it in. Then it would take 5 or 10 minutes to register that it was no longer plugged to the charger. It really worried me that maybe the charging port on the phone was going out, but I did a soft reset and it immediately started working properly again. This happened for most of last week - haven't had the problem since. Hopefully, it won't happen again.
    03-05-2014 07:28 PM
  4. Kage Maru's Avatar
    In my experience it seems to depend on what's charging my phone. There certainly is a delay when using wireless charging but don't really notice it with the charger at work
    03-05-2014 07:29 PM
  5. lsmachado's Avatar
    I have the at&t 16 gig 1520, so I don't have wireless charging capability. I'm using the charger that came with the phone. I don't know what caused the issue, but I'm glad it's fixed, for now at least. Here's to hoping it was an isolated incident. :-)
    03-05-2014 07:40 PM
  6. johnnyshinta's Avatar
    Mine is only 5-10 seconds. But I take it off the charger and wait foe the screen to turn on so I can turn it off and put it in my pocket
    03-05-2014 08:25 PM
  7. toraji's Avatar
    When I take my phone off the charger or plug it in it takes several seconds for the display to turn on. Is this normal?

    I have the same problem. I also have sudden shutdown/closing of apps..I feel the phone vibrating a couple of times and then sort of freezes. Only thing to wake it up again is pushing the shutdown key (middle right) or completely shut down. I wonder if these issues are related?1?!?!?
    03-05-2014 10:02 PM

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