03-17-2014 08:21 AM
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  1. savagelizards's Avatar
    I do not see many reasons most Win8.1 apps couldn't run on WP8.1. It may be a little tricky for some of the smaller screen devices.

    The few things that would be tricky is the right click/press hold and charms bar integration you get on Win8.1.
    You make a good point about charms. I wonder if they would add charms to WP at some point.

    longpress = right click would work just fine I think...
    03-09-2014 01:49 PM
  2. xchange's Avatar
    what a load of misleading marketing.
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    03-09-2014 02:30 PM
  3. a5cent's Avatar
    We are less than a month from WP 8.1. When that drops, anything that will run on WindowsRT will also run on your WP 8.1 device. Microsoft has already said that all WP 8 devices will get the 8.1 upgrade.
    Not that I don't enjoy your enthusiasm, but you are mistaken. :-/

    The image you linked to actually disproves the hypothesis that the same app will run on both WP8.1 and W8.1... it explicitly states that the developer requires two different projects, with two completely separated UI's, and that this results in two different programs, one for each OS...

    Actually, the image you linked to just describes a formalized project structure for sharing code between WP and Windows store apps. Any developer can already do this today. The point is that visual studio can now setup such a project structure automatically, instead of requiring devs to do it manually. While that is nice, it isn't a big deal.

    So, at least for now, a unified app store will mean only that the developer can upload two separate apps, one for WP8.1 and one for W8.1, but they may be listed under the same store entry. They won't be the same app, and we definitely won't be running Windows store apps on WP. I can actually guarantee that we will never be doing that.

    Running WP8.1 apps on W8.1+1 however, well, that is just around the corner.
    03-09-2014 03:32 PM
  4. michail71's Avatar
    A nice separation between UI and non UI code should make that rather easy. MVVM Patterns! Not that I find MVVM all that fun most of the time.
    03-09-2014 06:36 PM
  5. a5cent's Avatar
    A nice separation between UI and non UI code should make that rather easy. MVVM Patterns! Not that I find MVVM all that fun most of the time.
    Completely agree, but again, nothing that can't already be done today. ;-)

    In regard to the possibility of running W8.1 apps on WP:

    So far, this thread has only considered the differences in UI. While certainly important, people are ignoring the other 98% of the OS, which is just as important, if not more so.

    It is like claiming a Cesna's autopilot unit should be able to fly a 747, because both cockpits are similar... both have seats, windows, and a few knobs and switches. For planes, such a claim is obviously ridiculous, but it's easy to make that mistake for software, because software is a step removed from the physical world we can easily and directly experience. As users, the UI is the only part of an OS we can directly experience/perceive, which is really just scratching the surface.
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    03-09-2014 11:19 PM
  6. Jim Chapman's Avatar
    The advice that we developers are getting from Microsoft is very much that it will make sense to develop common projects for WP8.1 and W8.1 - i.e. one common code base with two separate UIs. Indeed that's already possible, if you're following an MVVM design pattern. What changes with WP8.1 is that
    1. The project setup is a bit less fiddly - more is done for you automatically
    2. The underlying API calls to get at OS functions (file access, networking, thread management, that kind of thing) look much more similar between WP8.1 and W8.1

    But you really ought to develop completely separate UX and UI concepts, rather than trying to hit both the tablet market and the phone market with a single design. People use tablets and phones in different contexts (so a UI path that works fine on a tablet may seem too long and drawn out on a phone), and the amount of screen real estate available for UI signposting is very different.
    The fact that you can share Model and ViewModel code across the platforms is certainly helpful, but the truth is that designing and building the front-end consumes a large proportion of the total time taken to develop an app - and sharing a common View across W8.1 and WP8.1 is not really a good idea (strictly it's not even possible - as far as I understand it, the XAML mark-up is not compatible between the two platforms, though it is close).
    03-17-2014 08:21 AM
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