1. anon(26204)'s Avatar
    When I first popped my ST sim into my Icon everything worked somewhat. Then I found out I was able to send mms with no issues, however, when someone sent me a mms it was just let me know that I received a multimedia message and wouldn't download it.

    So what I did was download the "Access Point" app from the Marketplace on the PC and have it sent to my Icon. Next I enteredthe following:

    Internet APN: tfdata

    scroll all the way down and click MMS to open up that area...

    WAP Gateway: mms3.tracfone.com
    WAP Gateway Port: 80
    MMSC(URL): http://mms-tf.net/
    MMSC Port: 80

    Then click save

    Now I also called Straight Talk to let them know that the data was running somewhat a little slow on the phone. When they asked me what kind of phone i was using, I told them a ATT Moto X. Because I was going back and forth between both phones. Nevertheless, ST had me turn my phone off while they refreshed my account. Afterwards, I tested sending mms to wife's phone and it worked. I then had my wife send me a mms and that worked.

    I can also do a youtube video if someone wants to see mms working or don't believe me.

    Also another thing that i noticed is that on my wife's and my kids phones, which they are also using ST...the carrier is listed as ATT. But on mine, the carrier is listed as HOME...not sure if that matters with anything or not. I bought the ST starter kit from Walmart that came with a Nano, Micro and Regular size sim card. All LTE capable.

    03-13-2014 10:44 AM
  2. Alienhead95's Avatar
    Congratulations on getting the MMS to work.
    off-topic, do you got push notifications instantly? I am on ST on the 1520, my push notifications are delayed by at least 10 minutes.
    03-13-2014 11:18 AM
  3. anon(26204)'s Avatar
    I believe they're delayed by a couple minutes or so...
    03-13-2014 02:29 PM
  4. Alienhead95's Avatar
    Sorry to hear that, but I am glad that I am not the only one. I had called ST about it, they said they can't do anything about it. Please let me know if you find any solution.
    03-13-2014 03:22 PM

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