1. Stu_Gotti's Avatar
    Hi everyone! Picked up my 1st ICON the other day from 'Big Red' and for 2 days it was a beast. This morning I awoke to look at my phone, which had been off the charger since 5AM the previous morning and here it was 8AM this morning and it was still at around 46% battery life... thought awesome, then all of a sudden the right 1/3rd of my screen completely went crazy and had this green overlay with anything being displayed underneath of it appearing to melt downwards on the screen. I took it to Verizon after I rebooted it to factory settings to rule out software related issues, so I'm now happily enjoying ICON #2.
    03-14-2014 05:40 PM
  2. Mark Harper1's Avatar
    Bummer, at least you are happy with the replacement. My first Icon also had issues with the bottom half of the screen being purple with the top being white. My second has been rock solid. Good luck and enjoy!
    03-14-2014 08:29 PM

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