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    If anyone cares, Basemark X Power Board now shows that Nokia has 2 devices in the top 5 including the 1520 at #1 and the Icon at #3. At this time, it looks like the test results are compiled based on 114 submissions. For Basemark OS II, the Icon is #9 in the Power Board rankings and the 1520 is at #7. Here is a link for those interested:

    Power Board - Basemark X TOP 5
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    I just did the two Basemark tests (OS II Free and X 1.1 Free) on my Icon. It got the Silver medal (for the next 30 days) which means it currently has the second best score (1121 overall). It also has the best score on Basemark X. Apparently, the scores don't update very quickly or they display an average because my score (25436) was slightly higher than the Icon Basemark X score listed on the website. Its not even showing my second place score on the OS II test.

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