1. tacroy's Avatar
    So I've just come over from iPhone. So I dont know if this is a problem with the phone or its normal on non-iPhones. But the call quality seems really low in my ear. Almost like the speaker is partially popped and rattling when people talk. It is also sort of tinny and lacking bass. Is my phone defective? Or ?
    04-22-2014 05:28 PM
  2. snowmutt's Avatar
    First off... welcome and thanks for posting here!! I think the Icon may be the best WP out there, and as a jealous AT&T guy, I am....well... jealous.

    A quick skim of the Icon forums show no pattern of weak speakers for phone calls or a rattle or vibration in the speakers. Most of the reviews on the Icon give it average to above average on call quality, so I really believe you should be having no problems. I would suggest calling Verizon support, and see if an exchange can happen before it is too late.

    Hope you love it other then that. Let us know what happens.
    04-22-2014 07:04 PM
  3. MazoMark's Avatar
    Welcome. I just came over from Android. I have an Icon and have not experienced anything even close to what you describe. Speaker has performed perfectly for me. I'd take it back to store and ask for a replacement of I were you.
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    04-22-2014 10:28 PM
  4. tacroy's Avatar
    Awesome, thanks for the input. I put in for a replacement!
    snowmutt likes this.
    04-23-2014 01:10 PM

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