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    Well all I went out and did it and got the Otterbox case for the Icon today. So far so good I'm loving the case and loving the fact that wireless charging is still doable with the case on the phone. The lady that helped me at the Verizon store was very helpful and even offered to clean the screen of my phone before the case was installed. I wish I could say the same for the sales manager that greeted me as I entered the store though. She came off as a real b**** and then before I could even finish asking the one question I had about something unrelated she totally interrupted me and assumed that I was asking a question about the trade in program on the iPhones. While I don't have anything bad to say about the iPhones all I can say is that they seemed to hold up for me better compared to the android phones I've had in the past(Note 2 and Droid Razr M). The case itself seems to be of a sturdy build, but quite slippery to the point to where I'm afraid I'm going to drop it eventually. That's the only thing so far that I can say that I don't like about the case. I wouldn't mind also seeing some other colors for the case other than black. Other than that I love the belt clip(that's just my style) feature of the case and the amount of protection the case offers. Overall I give it 4 out of 5 stars. I will admit that I'm rather biased because I've had these cases on my iPhones and the Note 2 and in my opinion they're well worth the extra bulkiness they add to the phones as there's no other cases that compare in my opinion.

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