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  1. NancyAnnL's Avatar
    Can anyone recommend a good wireless Bluetooth headset to use with the Lumia Icon? I travel, and I'd like a headset with excellent voice clarity for using while I drive, and possibly one with notable noise cancellation as well for when I'm out walking around. I also want one that has an earwire included, as I have small ears, and in-ear plugs never feel comfortable to me. I've read a lot of online reviews, but I don't see any that jump out as clear winners.
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    10-06-2014 11:22 AM
  2. radmanvr's Avatar
    Backbeat go2 by plantronics. I use this as my daily driver.

    It comes with a power pack for quick charging.
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    10-06-2014 11:56 AM
  3. NancyAnnL's Avatar
    Looked these up on Amazon, per your recommendation. I forgot to mention that I would prefer a headset that has an over-the-ear wire instead of/in addition to in-ear plugs. (I edited my post to reflect that). I have small ears and in-ear plugs never seem to fit me well or stay put. Any other suggestions?
    10-06-2014 12:18 PM
  4. radmanvr's Avatar
    The Backbeat Go2 had 3 different ear sizes. I actually have to use the biggest one lol.

    Do you want a scouter type or like one you can use while working out?

    The thing about wearing this type 250px-bluetooth_headset.jpg

    Is that you will look like this 03bfdragon-ball-z-scouter-vegeta.jpg
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    10-06-2014 01:34 PM
  5. NancyAnnL's Avatar
    No, I don't wear a headset when working out.
    Funny pic. Actually, that's one of the advantages of having long hair- that type of headset is mostly hidden.
    10-06-2014 04:54 PM
  6. airjeff's Avatar
    Most of the new headsets are in-ear, but they come with several sizes of tips. I always get one with an ear loop. Jabra makes some nice ones.(I have the BT530 which isn't sold anymore) I'm looking at getting the Plantronics Voyager Legend. It has good reviews and looks like it will fit my needs well. Motorola is also a solid choice or Jawbone. I would suggest getting one with noise cancelation. It makes it much more enjoyable for the people your calling and indirectly you.
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    10-07-2014 06:24 AM
  7. pawn0r's Avatar
    I've been using the Jabra Supreme with my Icon. Forum won't let me post a link to it, but just doing a search for "JABRA Supreme" on Amazon should bring it up, currently running $86.56 with free shipping.

    Overall I'm happy with it, comfortable fit and good call quality on both ends with all the noise cancelling tech you could want. Standard volume up/down controls, and you can also mute directly from the headset as well which I use often. Only gripe with it is it can be a little slow to get connected to the phone when it is turned on, sometimes up to 10 seconds between turning the headset on (opening the boom mic) and the "Connected" voice prompt. But that could be something specifically with my phone as I'm running the Developer Preview currently.
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    10-07-2014 08:18 AM
  8. vicky_22g's Avatar
    Using planatronics voyager pro. The best I can find in headsets. Good battery life. Very good voice. Supports almost all Bluetooth profiles and connects to two devices at same time.
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    10-07-2014 12:06 PM
  9. jck50's Avatar
    I've been using the Bose Series 2 Headset. Have to choose either left or right ear but comes with 3 sizes of earpieces.
    Great sound and approx. 4 hours talk time
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    10-07-2014 01:05 PM
  10. techiez's Avatar
    go for plantronics ML series.
    Plantronics | ML20
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    10-07-2014 01:11 PM
  11. CodeGunnerDevelopment's Avatar
    My recommendation would be any of the Blue Ant bluetooth devices. Before I got my new vehicle with cell phone integration built in to the vehicle I used their devices exclusively after having various Motorola, Plantronics, and Jawbone headsets go bad on me. The Blue Ant products are the best that I've come across in years and they are a company that stands behind their products unlike some other companies I've had the experience of dealing with. Well that's my 2 cents worth do with it what you may.
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    10-07-2014 04:15 PM
  12. awilliams1701's Avatar
    My Chevy Volt makes a decent one. =P
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    10-08-2014 02:16 PM
  13. onlysublime's Avatar
    Using planatronics voyager pro. The best I can find in headsets. Good battery life. Very good voice. Supports almost all Bluetooth profiles and connects to two devices at same time.
    I bought a Plantronics Voyager Legend to replace my broken Voyager Pro. Feature-wise, the Legend is much better than Pro but I'm having more problems with audio quality on the other end of the call with the Legend. My friends and business associates raved about the audio quality on their end with my Voyager Pro. So far, the Legend has been a disappointment. I'm hoping a new revision comes out or a new model comes out because the feature set of the Legend is fantastic.
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    10-08-2014 10:03 PM

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