1. rleist's Avatar
    I updated to Denim and 8.1 last night. My outlook.com email stopped syncing today at 2:00pm. Anybody having this issue?

    Error code: 8600010F for server bay402-m.hotmail.com.

    Syncing fine in other apps on other devices.

    Is there any way to reset the Microsoft account on the phone?

    02-12-2015 11:14 PM
  2. lylone's Avatar
    Delete the account and re-add it. The same thing happens with one of my other email accounts every time there is an update or I hard reset it.
    02-13-2015 01:47 PM
  3. rickyoctk's Avatar
    Hy i have problem to. I've made new outlook account and use it as primary in my secondary phone. It can recieve email very well. But i never can send email. When open it using outlook.com via desktop its only say. Ups, an error has ben occured. Please try again. Anyone can help me?
    02-16-2015 10:08 AM

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