1. ajknight7's Avatar
    Hello all! I was wondering if the Icon is a good choice for me. I currently have a Lumia 925 on T-mobile, but i have been considering upgrading without paying top dollar. I've seen the Icon on swappa and e-bay for about $200, and if i am able to sell my 925 and make some money off that, i think it would be pretty good for me. I don't think i can spend enough money for a new flagship this fall if/when it comes out this fall, and my current situation is not allowing me to switch carriers in the foreseeable future. What do you all think? Any Lumia Icon users on T-mobile having any issues? It's really enticing especially now that the Icon got the Denim update. I'm not a power user but having a good camera is a must for me. Let me know your thoughts!
    02-13-2015 03:13 PM
  2. ven07's Avatar
    Going from the 925 to the Icon is a real upgrade! With Denim out and W10 "around the corner" (no set schedule) you have every reason to go for it. The only thing I'd be worried about is the support Tmo will give if sth happens.. Then again, if it's simply software related we have enough users here that can help out, even a few on the Ambassadors team :D
    02-13-2015 03:49 PM
  3. mtalinm's Avatar
    three days ago I would have been on the fence, but after the Denim upgrade ABSOLUTELY. especially because it'll be way cheap (if you can find it).
    ven07 likes this.
    02-14-2015 12:18 AM

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