1. bo_woods's Avatar
    How's battery life? And do you ICON users have supernova heat issues like a lot of the 930 users?
    06-15-2015 03:40 PM
  2. xibartx's Avatar
    8.1 here=usually about 30-50 hours but I seem to work in a faraday cage and it yearns for a signal even though I have wifi there...only gets hot on certain games like relic run or on here drive navigation (and those will chew up the battery like nobody's business)
    gernerttl likes this.
    06-15-2015 07:07 PM
  3. SteveNoza's Avatar
    It's a rare day when I fully drain the battery, and the only time it gets warm is charging.
    06-16-2015 07:49 AM

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