1. Rich215's Avatar
    Might be going back to Verizon post pay from Page Plus. Wondering what differences I might experience besides faster data....which is not a necessity for me at all. I left a family plan with a dumb phone last year to get the Icon with a mvno for less that being on the V-family plan.

    Will I be able to get the visual voice mail going back on the Verizon full network? Anything else worthwhile?
    07-03-2015 11:11 AM
  2. Charles Brown8's Avatar
    I'm on straight talk Verizon lte with my icon. Only thing I do miss is visual voice mail. What I don't miss is Verizon's plan rates. 5gb data for $45 a month is a pretty good deal and suits my browsing habits. Just curious why are you leaving page plus?
    07-05-2015 10:21 AM
  3. Rich215's Avatar
    Why would I leave PP back to V.......because I do not use data much at all...maybe 200mb per month at most. I am constantly in home or office wifi and heavily use PC's through out the day. I need unlimited voice and currently on the 1200min PP plan. I come way too close of using up all the 1200 mins almost every month...and many times I force phone calls to be shorter than I normally would, or even not call some people with my cell phone because I feel that 1200 max min wall on my back all the time. Yes, I can go to the $40 unlimited PP plan.....but then that cost is not justifiable compared to if I was on full V service.

    I left our family Verizon plan many months back without contract ties. I can now go back to that plan as it will be updated to the "more everything" plan where I would be a BYOD no contract add in. They will only charge $25 for my smartphone line fee ( $40 minus $15 credit).

    So now I could go back to V and at almost the same price get full V network priority (roaming, full LTE, unlimited voice, and visual v).
    It will cost me $40 to port in my new PP # to the V account. So I figure it will pretty much be like bouncing from one service to another without the normal contract or over priced smartphone charges.

    I am more unique than the average single or dual phone users I guess. Most need much more data and don't have the option to split up the costs of a share/family plan to minimize each phone costs on the bill. I would be the 4th person on the share plan, so it is easily workable to me. I just have to pay that $40 fee above all normal monthly expenses I normally pay with my cell use.

    Also, since I manage and my business pays for the V account now, it just makes things quicker and more simple to pay with one bill. Its not a big hassle for me to purchase my monthly PP plan online through a highly regarded PP reseller with my PayPal account. But I did get caught a few times with no service for several hours on a weekend once or twice because I forgot to get the pin in time.

    So if I didnt have the option to be on a V plan as a no contract shared line at a very competitive cost.....I would just stay with PP or maybe Selectel as a single user and have cheaper cell service.
    07-05-2015 10:49 AM
  4. Charles Brown8's Avatar
    Right on I was just curious.. Was considering pp before straight talk but the number of walmart locations won me over vs online only with pp in my area. Was actually curious if u had a bad experience
    07-05-2015 11:35 AM
  5. Rich215's Avatar
    I have not had any problems using PP via prepayrefill reseller (with 6% discount). I learned not to go through pageplus directly for good customer service. Plus I love being able to pay with paypal and also get questions answered, and answered correctly.

    Been very happy with PP service on my Icon. Since I do not need super fast internet and only use little data, it was an easy choice to go with a V mvno. I went with PP originally because my brother had been using them for a while with good results. Also they allowed 4G phones and their plans fit me well for less than $30. Now Selectel might only be the other V mvno i would go to because they offer same plan price as the PP 1200....but offer 1300 voice and now allow 4G phones.
    07-05-2015 12:53 PM

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