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    I have a Nokia Icon (929) through Verizon. I thought it would be cool to upgrade to the Win 10 version. I do so previously, without any issues, but it was so buggy I reverted back to 8.1.

    My phone was about 75% charged when I started. I plugged it in, let the update run and then waited while it started to do the install. This is where things went wrong - very wrong.

    The whole time I had the phone plugged in, yet now the phone was giving me the low battery warning (the battery icon with the red sliver), shutting off for a few minutes until it was charged, then powering back on, it starts the install (set of gears with the empty progress bar below it) then shuts off because I get the low battery warning, rinse, repeat, and now this is has become an infinite loop.

    Things I've tried so far:

    1) Eh, just let it run, eventually it will work. Nope, and then the phone gets almost too hot to hold in your hand as it continues to cycle.

    2) Try a soft reset (holding the volume key and display key down for 8-15 seconds when powering up) to kick out of the cycle. Nope, it just powers up (get the Nokia logo) vibrates, shuts down and does the same thing again.

    3) Ah HA! Get a "rapid" charger to charge the phone quickly, then plug it back into the slow charger, so it has enough juice to complete the upgrade. Just attempted this to no avail. Phone got EVEN hotter and it still just cycles. This time, after a few power cycles, I got the battery with the question mark, then a power down, and repeat.

    At this point, I have no idea how to stop this or solve the problem since the phone is clearly in the middle of updating and won't do anything until the phone is fully charged, but auto starts as soon as you plug the phone in.

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated!! I love this phone and will hate to throw in the trash if I can't figure this out.

    08-09-2015 03:01 PM
  2. pankaj981's Avatar

    Follow the instructions here for performing a dead flash, tailor it for your Icon accordingly.
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    08-09-2015 03:21 PM
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    Use the Nokia recovery tool to recover your phone, get back to 8.1, CHARGE it 100%, while it's on the charger, re-download 10, and try again.

    I started this one time with a little over 50% battery and it did the same thing to me...
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    08-10-2015 08:35 AM
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    I had a similar problem with Lumia 930 and it ended with a blue death. I tried everything. Now my phone is in the Nokia service.
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    08-11-2015 11:49 AM
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    I had the same issue. Loaded win 10, then had issues with battery draining way too fast. So I went back to 8.1 and got the infinite loop loading screen. I did the hard key reset to get the exclamation point and then plugged into my computer to load up the Nokia/Microsoft software rom fix and it worked. I also started fresh, did not use a backup,skipped sign in, initially. I made sure all apps were updated...the default ones....then did a restart and did not check for system update. Once all working correctly, I signed in but started fresh. No issues after that.
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    08-15-2015 01:03 AM
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    The Nokia Recovery software worked like a charm. I backed up all my stuff before upgrading, so once the phone was rest, I was good to go.

    Thanks again, I appreciate it.
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    08-15-2015 09:14 PM
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    How did you get it to hold a charge?
    05-20-2016 03:57 PM

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