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    Hi, after performing many tests. Moving from Windows Phone 8.1 Denim to Windows 10 Creators Update (10.0.15063.608) these are my conclusions.

    Windows Phone 8.1
    This is the best version in terms of performance, there's no doubt about it.
    From the start up the phone, to open the applications like: Whatsapp, Internet Explorer, Music.
    Another important point is that Lumia Camera is available (officially). This enables video recording with surround audio and noise reduction.
    The big disadvantage, already known, is the lack of applications and support.

    Windows 10 Anniversary (14393.1715)
    This is the maximum version offered until today, 10/02/2017.
    In general, everything works correctly, not with the speed of Windows Phone 8.1
    The most important "failures" to highlight from my use are:
    • The Whatsapp application takes too long to open for the first time, even more to restore and sometimes does not restore.
    • As of Windows 10 mobile, the use of Camara is imposed (Lumia Camera is discontinued). The big disadvantage is losing the movie with surround sound and the noise filter.

    Other applications like music, skype, instagram, work properly, but without surprising performance.

    The thread continue.
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    10-02-2017 06:08 PM
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    Windows 10 Creators Update(15063.138)
    This version is obtained through the slow ring, to this day (10/02/2017).
    I appreciate a speed of opening of applications a little faster than in the previous version.
    The most important improvement is that Whatsapp opens almost instantly, from the first opening to the next ones.
    The "failure" found is that the camera takes longer to open and performs an annoying blink when starting.
    When browsing the configuration section I notice some bugs when rotating the screen.
    The rest of the phone works correctly.

    Windows 10 Creators Update (15063.608)
    This version is obtained through the Release Preview mode, to date, 10/02/2017.
    The fast-launch speed of applications from the previous version is maintained.
    Whatsapp performance is also maintained.
    The bug is solved when opening the camera.
    The bugs in the configuration section persist, are visual problems when rotating the screen, do not affect the functionality.
    10-02-2017 09:07 PM
  3. Reflej0's Avatar
    To recover the functionality of recording videos with surround sound and noise reduction. I downloaded the Lumia Camera Beta app that is in other places (I can not share here).
    The last case worked.
    At last I regained access to more burning options (video), Whatsapp works fast, and applications in general are faster.
    It was very tedious the process to change versions and try different alternatives but today, from my point of view, I consider that for all of the above, I am in the most balanced compilation.
    In reference to the battery, in WP 8.1 it lasts a little more, in terms of exact time, I do not know.

    With reference to 4G LTE. For the people of Argentina, I want to confirm that it works.
    Thank you for your reading.
    10-02-2017 09:07 PM

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