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  1. nwildcat's Avatar
    Just thought I'd post in case anyone else has a similar problem. When I went to sleep last night, my Icon was updating to whatever the latest release was. I'm on regular W10, have never been on the Developer program. I saw Spinning Gears prior to falling asleep so I know the process had started, when I awoke this morning, I thought my phone was bricked, it was a black screen and I couldn't get anything besides that on it. I had my cracked 928 charging so I had a way to be reached today and was downloading the recovery tool so I thought it was over and done with this Icon.

    I had the phone plugged in, I almost always have it plugged in at night in general, but definitely when I've received a message it needs to update. I don't know that that was an issue, I don't see how it should be, it's been helpful not hurtful in the past, saving the phone from running out of battery during the longer updates. I tried the power button many, many times trying to get something going with the screen. Tried both top buttons simultaneously, tried cycling between the two. Nothing happened when it was plugged in. When I took it off the charger to plug in the other phone. I kept trying, eventually a Windows icon showed briefly and disappeared. Almost like it couldn't quite hold a charge or something. Kept trying, this happened a few more times. I held the power button again to see if it did anything and it seemed to finally restart the phone and I got the Nokia screen and it proceeded through the start up, hanging a bit longer than usual on the Windows screen, and then started finishing the Update (Steps 1 to 6 or 7 or something, mostly data migration).

    No idea what the heck happened in this update besides not going as planned. But if this happens to you, try taking it off the charger and repeatedly trying to press the power button and holding the power button to force the restart to continue the update. May not work the first or second time, but hopefully will by the tenth time and you won't be forced to try to start over with the recovery tool.

    I know I need a new phone, but I've been slow to buy one being very picky with selecting one since I'm still not crazy about Android. Guess this is the final straw that I can't wait much longer.
    07-11-2018 06:03 AM
  2. Brent Cliveden's Avatar
    I had a similar experience last night (10-JUL-2018) with my 950 XL. I moved it from the two cordless chargers it was on last evening and then overnight to a wired charger this morning, turned it on, and this time it completed it's work, telling me that great things were underway. The only difference I've seen is that the Microsoft Store now refuses to open, after trying for a couple of seconds. I really need the Store to keep updating my apps, since these -- especially Microsoft's -- have been being updated regularly.
    07-11-2018 08:26 AM
  3. nwildcat's Avatar
    FYI, exact same thing happened again for me today as last month. So possibly the new normal with these updates on my phone at least. Same approach worked again as nothing at all was happening when on the charger. Taking it off the charger, pressing and holding the power got me the Windows sign flashing for a few seconds, then nothing. Waited a minute, pressed and held the power again and after maybe 15-20 seconds got the Nokia sign and it went into the final part of the update starting with Step 1 or 6 in the "great things are underway" part. Smoothly after that, back to normal now.

    I'll have moved to my new phone by the next time this updates, but assuming updates come through in a similar way when off the SIM, I might try the original charger with the original cable and see if that makes any difference if I can remember to do that once I get the message about the update. It's never mattered before, but maybe something changed on Microsoft's end that is creating an error of some kind.

    Brent, I didn't have any problems with Microsoft Store last time, but not having any issues this time either in case you were wondering.
    08-16-2018 12:30 AM
  4. G4Grandad's Avatar
    This happens on my L830 with every patch update and has done for a year. It started to update at 11.50pm , didn't take long at all. But then I'm stuck on the blue Windows logo and nothing happens for hours. I try battery pull, soft reset, switch on and off repeatedly, hold down power button, blah blah blah and only ever get the blue logo. At 0.30am I pulled the battery and went to sleep.
    I left it until 9.30am and went through the above all over again, never getting past the blue logo.
    I picked it up again at 10.30am, did a soft reset and it came back to life and completed the update immediately.
    I've had the phone for four years and would happily replace it with a new Windows phone if I could, even though there's been very few days when I've not felt like smashing the phone into a million pieces because of the quirks and faults which are seemingly built into the OS
    08-16-2018 04:32 AM
  5. Kshitij Kadiya's Avatar
    I am looking to buy a WP and am getting a crazy deal (50USD) on icon.
    On the forums, this seemed to be the most recently active thread, so here goes.
    I have a fully functional iPhone as my backup, but I really want to go back to WP. I've had L520 and L640 and they've served me well.
    What I want to ask is how does Lumia icon hold up after all these years?
    FYI; I don't intend to use my phone heavily. In fact, I'd like to use it in a way that it intrudes my life to a minimal. So, the app-gap that so many are screaming about, won't be an issue to me.
    I just need basic functionalities of a phone, like caling, texting, mail, an adequate browser and stuff. Nothing crazy. But I need it to be reliable.
    Oh, and camera. I absolutely need a working camera.
    And battery. How much can this phone do? Can it go a day with basic usage? Occasional camera snaps?
    Considering all that, would you guys recommend buying a used lumia icon?
    Last edited by Kshitij Kadiya; 11-19-2018 at 08:27 AM.
    11-19-2018 07:19 AM

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